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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by trigger252, May 14, 2012.

  1. trigger252

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    I have a glock22 .40Cal, Wat do I have to change to allow me to shoot 9mm or .357 sig? Should I just order a barrel in those calibers or does it have to be an actual "conversion" barrel?
  2. unit44justin

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    I just ordered the Lonewolf 40-9 conversion for my 23. The only one that is really available is the threaded barrel version, all the regular length barrels are on back order for another month or 2. Just waiting for it to show up in the mail now. for the 9mm conversion you also have to get the 9mm mags, for the G22 you can use the G17 and the 33 round mags. Also it has been recommended to get the 9mm recoil assembly which should be under $20. For the .357 sig I have read that you can use the .40 s&w mags with out any problems and the recoil assembly should be fine as well. If I remember right I have read that putting a G19 barrel into a G23 or a G17 barrel into a G22 will not work properly because the outer diameter of the barrel is smaller for the 9mm than the .40s&w.

  3. trigger252

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    Thanks for the info!
  4. zipper046

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    Unit44justin is spot on...just need 9mm mags. However, some folks had very erratic ejection patterns and some failure to ejects. If this happens you may need to replace .40 ejector housing with a 9mm ejector housing. See how it is first with the .40.

  5. jonm61

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    For the .357Sig, you can just buy a barrel, even an OEM barrel from Glock, and use your existing magazines.

    As far as the 9mm, everything above is correct. It has to be a conversion barrel, as they are made to the same OD as the .40 barrels and you have to use 9mm magazines. As far as the ejector, if you're only shooting the 9mm for target practice, then leave it alone. If you're considering carrying the gun with a conversion barrel, don't. You could have both extractor and ejector issues and you do not want a failure to eject when you need the gun to function flawlessly. You might fire 10k rounds without a problem; but if it fails once when it counts, that's all that matters.
  6. Glockmaster

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    You can shoot 9mm from the .40 Mags. I've been doing this for months and not one problem.
    However if you plan on using it for CC I would purchase some 9mm mags..