Confused about RTF on Gen 4 Glock

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  1. Hi guys,

    Have Gen 4 Glocks specifically G19 come in a different RTF than posted on their website? I heard someone saying they come in different finishes such as RTF2 & RTF3. True?
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    For your viewing pleasure:
    taken from copyright Glock

    Now with that bit of information, I've never seen or heard of RTF3, except with the common misassociation of the Gen4's as RTF3. If RTF3's existed, I think we'd see some in the wild. I'm not all knowing though and this is based on 5 minutes worth of research. Anyone care to prove me wrong?

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    Here is a stock image from google of a G19 gen 4. Same rtf as my G27 gen 4.

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