Confirming Cleaning of New Gun

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by thanks2macdonald, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Hello all,
    New gun owner here. Ruger Mark III Target for bullseye target shooting and Glock 17G4 for home and eventual competitive shooting. Have not received either yet. Research indicates I should clean gun before first use. Is this a field strip and clean or detailed strip down and clean, i,e, remove firing pin and all? Just curious and can't seem to get clear answer. Thanks.
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    Only thing I've done on the three I've opened NIB, is to field strip it and then just make sure everything is oiled then blow several hundred rounds through it :D

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    As a gun owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the firearm is safe to use for the benifit of yourself and the people around you.

    So, yes, field strip it, run a brush thru the bore, ensure it is lubed, and read the owners manual. Get aquainted with "how" the gun functions BEFORE you operate it with live ammo. Kind of like operating a car for the first time. You need to knon where and how all the controls are and work. Yow need to understand too, what to look and listen for in case there is a problem with the gun or the ammo.

    Shoot, have fun, be safe!:)