Concealment During Video Games

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    In my spare time, aka the time I should be studying for methods tests or writing theory papers, I play video games. I have always been a Call of Duty Modern Warfare series PS3 gamer until Battlefield 3 came out. I preordered both BF3 and Modern Warfare 3. I played BF2 on the PC when I was younger as well. I have played MW3 about 2, maybe 3 times online. I Play BF3 almost exclusively. While playing I either play with my surround sound, or most of the time I have a headset on. I play with a Turtle Beach PX5 wireless gaming headset.
    This thing is bad to the bone. It dual pairs with 2 bluetooth devices simultaneously. So my PS3 for voice chat and my iPhone for text, call, email notifications, as well as music streaming (iPod, pandora, what have you). In addition to all this this headset has 50mm drivers and Dolby Digital 7.1 surround transmitted over the 2.4ghz rf freq from it's own rf transmitter. So when I game I am suffering from severe auditory exclusion from the REAL world.
    Being that I live in a rough part of town, I am ALWAYS armed at the house. How do I do this while playing video games with my back to the door and without being able to hear anything going on around me? I use a MIC holster attached to my gaming chair and try to utilize the gloss reflective surfaces surrounding the TV and comprising the whole front face of my A/V receiver as a mirror. I leave the light on in the room/hallway behind me so that should anything move into the light or across the light I would see it's reflection on the gloss surface where it would block the light.
    I figure only Glock Forum members would appreciate this ingenuity.

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    Either move your setup so that you can evaluate threats. Failing that place a mirror behind the TV so that you can have some eyes.

  3. The first rule to carrying a gun is being alert and aware. So if its that bad the obvious first step is to, at the very least, take off the headphones or drastically lower the volume. A gun cannot replace common sense ;)
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    Turn off the game and study; you'll be thirty before you know it. :)
  5. **** I'm 38 and still play video games. My headset is only on one ear though, so I can still hear the outside world!
  6. I think he means study now and get a good job, and play later. so he isn't 30 living in the ghetto or moms basement working at burger king going "well i suck at fry boy but i'm the king at CoD"
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    Haha. Ok. Will do. That's awesome. Btw I don't live in mom's basement. I live on my own and pay 100% of my own bills. I do live in the ghetto though. *hangs head in shame*
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    I'd be afraid of getting frustrated with the video game and drawing from the chair and shooting the
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  10. I'm just bustin balls. Most of has have spent some time in the get-ooooh.
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  12. I've been looking at that headset for when I play BF3 on the PS3. How do you like them??? Usually when I play the little ones get tired of hearing the game over their cartoons in the other room so I been looking at something other then the surround sound.
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    You young 'uns stay in school as long as you can. The world is tough out there. Knowledge is power.;)
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    The application of knowledge is power haha. It's kind of like paint, it does no good if it is just sitting there in the can. It isn't until you apply knowledge that it does you any good.
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    See kids? If I had stayed in school for a little while longer, that's what I would have said. Thank you for helping me make my point, Jimmy.:eek:
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    Lol, wasn't saying anything bad about you, just throwing my .02 in there as well :)
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    I knew my comment would stir stuff up. I know several people with degrees (bachelors) that can't find a job. With hard work and Gods good graces to get where I am and without school I managed to make more than teachers and most city employees in my area. Not a millionaire but very satisfied with what I have done. Lack of education. Don't get me wrong school does not hurt and I still have the urge to finish. I am just not good in school. Its not for everyone... Gotta do what you can with what God gave you.
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    I am 30 and working full time and going to school full time and have a two year old and my wife is pregnant with #2. Get your School done and get it out of the way so you can get a good job where you can work less and play video games more. I graduate in Aug and am on a list for the mext set of interviews to be an investigator but I tell you this S*** is hard. Knock it out now and if your game play is interfering turn it off. (Don't be a moron like me because I'm paying for it now!!!!)
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    That's what SHE said!!!:eek: Sorry, all this talk about school and all... I just couldn't resist that "sophomoric" remark.(Obvious play on words);)