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  1. jeremydavis

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    I have the g17 any ideas on a good holster for concealed carry?
  2. Once again, I will tout the Kholster ( as my favorite and one of the best quality holsters on the market. I can wear it for 18 hours or more without discomfort. And, while it looks a lot like a Cross Breed, it's a fraction of the price.

  3. iRockGlock

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    Go with a MaxTuck holster. It's leather and kydex.
    Plus if you ever want to carry another pistol all you have to do is order another kydex piece.
    Also has lifetime warranty.
  4. JM3RK

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    I have a glock 22 40 and I was wondering if anybody knew were I can get a tactical holster for a good price.

  5. I guess that depends on your definition of "tactical." I Like both Fobus and Blackhawk and both are reasonably priced.
  6. Shelton1320

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    I bought the black hawk holster and love it but I wanted to conseal my glock 22 so I went to shooters world and bought the galco conseal and I love it , it fits perfect and doesn't sick out
  7. ckuenzer331

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    I currently run a Blackhawk Sherpa, but Fobus is also a nice rig... Both solid and secure
  8. rdglock27

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    Fox HOlster

    Fox Holsters
    Go on Ebay and search for Glock leather Kydex holsters and buy one of his. They are same quality at Crossbreed and others, but you only pay $39.99.....Trust me, great holster. I have 6 holsters for my G27 and this is the only one I wear now,

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  9. jfirecops

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    How long have you owned and carried this one, and do you carry daily? Just curious on the long lasting aspects of this one.
  10. rdglock27

    rdglock27 Sheepdog Civilian

    I have had this holster not very long maybe a month, I wear it everyday all day. It by far is the best I own, I have 2 Galco holsters a Balckhawk Serpa, a fobus and Custom made FBI style holster. Im sure this holster is the same as most of the Kydex Crossbreed style, Its the fact that you only have to pay $39.99 for it. Great horse hide.

    I dont get paid for the endorsement either...:)

    Hope this helps!
  11. jfirecops

    jfirecops New Member

    Yep, I was looking at replacing my raven kydex with a super tuck, but I think I will give these a try
  12. Kmurray96

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    I use a DeSantis Scorpion for IWB and a Blackhawk Serpa for OWB. I've worn the DeSantis for up to 14 hours, comfortably and both are easy on the pocket.
  13. Seiler

    Seiler New Member

    Milt Sparks for IWB. Raven for OWB.
  14. I use the Blackhawk Serpa for both open and concealed carry. Granted, it does print in some shirts, so if you want deeper concealment, I would recommend the Kholster. (The Kholster is almost exactly the same as the Crossbreed Supertuck, but much less expensive.)
  15. \I've tried a butt load of holsters but for me nothing compares to the custom kydex holsters that my friend makes. All day carry, all day driving everything is comfortable with them. I finally woke up to the fact of how much a good belt increases comfort while carrying. I threw all my other belts away after getting my first Wilderness "instructor" belt.

    I posted some pics in another thread but here's an example of the holsters my friend makes and sells for a measly $40.00


    I have not found anything that keeps the pistols so close to your body for OWB carry. I'm just not a fan of IWB, especially when driving all day.
  16. jramos25

    jramos25 New Member

    I have a Crossbreed I use it with jeans dress pants even my workout pants it clips on to the string on my waist. I do practice rounds and presenting the weapon never had any problems and I sit in the car and it's very comfortable it most of all nobody has ever notice I have it on hell there surprise to know I do because I move around like nothing.
  17. Sarabian

    Sarabian Slightly Opinionated

    I second what armedmissouri said. I have holsters from both Fobus and Blackhawk (The Serpa) and love them. Very comfortable for long term carry and they have good retention. The Serpa is a level 2 while the Fobus line is level 1. Both hold securely for normal carry.
  18. bstroven

    bstroven New Member

    You guys and gals need to look at the Phantom holster by Raven Concealment Systems. Many of my friends have a holster from them because of mine. I have nothing bad to say about it.
  19. fls348

    fls348 New Member

    Blackhawk CQC Sepra: plain clothes duty

    Fobus: off duty winter time (sweatshirt or untucked shirt)

    Kholster IWB: anytime

    Belly band: only on rare occasions and with a sub-compact only
  20. Sarabian

    Sarabian Slightly Opinionated

    I also recommend the Blackhawk Serpa (I carry either my G17 or G21 daily in one) or the Fobus line I have them for my revolvers and like them as well.