Concealed Carry with one in the chamber?

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    He must be growing that mustache so people will think he is Frontsights Ignatius Piazza. His accent will give him away though.

    Step one assume horseback riding position seem funny. Seems both feet on a lateral plane would make them easy to push over.

    The ex SEAL in Guns and ammo TV shows a better stance. Same stance you use for wrestling, fighting, etc. feet shoulder width apart and slightly staggered, knees flexed.
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    Ah, see, the "party" detail made me add alcohol to the equation. That can make a perfectly competent and confident person become irresponsible. I've seen and heard of it happening so many times that it's just an automatic thing in my mind. I know of police officers who have done it at a party after work, there are hundreds if not thousands of people across the country who do it to "celebrate" the 4th of July or NYE. That doesn't make them incompetent, though I suppose you could argue that they are in the moment because of alcohol, but it does make them irresponsible for having the gun there in the first place.

    Do you know the history of Glock's NY Trigger? It was because NYPD had a ridiculous number of NDs when transitioning from revolvers to Glocks. This was very early in Glock's entrance to the U.S. Rather than NYPD taking the time to train their officers in proper gun handling, Glock developed the heavier NY trigger rather than risk losing their first huge U.S. contract.

    If it weren't for that, the NY trigger probably wouldn't exist, unless they chose to make one for MA as well. If it were a popular option or "need" outside of NYPD, Glock would offer the option from the factory. The fact that 25 years in the U.S. without that trigger ever going into production outside of NYPD and perhaps a few other dept's guns, just shows it to be an unnecessary modification to help overcome poor training.

    Too many people who are proponents of C3 carry fail to consider this. There are so many things that can happen and are likely to happen that will keep you from being able to rack the slide.

    If you have a child you're carrying, there's #1. If you are carrying something else, like groceries or luggage, your gym bag, whatever, you've got to drop them before you can even draw if you're drawing from concealment. (The same may be true of C1 carry, but once the gun is clear, it's ready to go.)

    If you've already been injured, say the bad guy got the drop on you, forcing you to be compliant rather than trying to draw, you give up your wallet and he shoots/stabs you anyway, and now you're trying to draw to save your life, how will you rack the slide?

    Suppose your spouse/significant other/child is walking on your off side and you instinctively reach to push them behind you? Because that's what protective instinct is going to do first, kind of like when you have to slam on the brakes, but you reach over to the passenger even though there's a seatbelt. You know they're protected, but you're trying to protect them anyway.

    You could be walking your dog and have your off hand trapped in the leash.

    Most importantly, you could find yourself up close and personal with the bad guy, fending off a knife attack with one hand. How do you plan to rack the slide if you're already fighting for your life?

    There are just so many things that could prevent you from being able to rack the slide. If you're going to carry C3, not only do you need to be able to meet the speed of the guy in the video, which takes a LOT of time and training, but you need to consider all of the things you do every day that could interfere with your ability to draw and rack the slide.

    I can clear my cover garment, even a pullover, and draw one handed if I need to. It takes an extra second vs. having my off hand to clear it. Adding racking the slide in that thanks. If the bad guy's already got his knife or gun in hand, that leaves no chance at all.
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    If you are going to carry without one in the chamber, you may as well leave your gun home.
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    He's trolling. LOL.
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    Always have one in the chamber, God Forbid the need should arise in an armed confrontation.
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    one in the chamber! very nice demo
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    If everyone is worried about accidental discharge, you shroud look into GlockTechs M.I.C holster or minimal inside carry that is essentially a custom molded piece of kydex that Is brilliantly manufactured and well thought out
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    one in the chamber with hollow point in it!
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    That doesn't make sense. Are you smoking grass, grassmoker? If you are, do us all a favor: Leave the guns locked up and throw away the key.
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    It's grammatically flawed, but it makes sense - he carries a hollow-point bullet in the chamber.

    But yeah, if the name is appropriate, grassmoker, do the world a favor and lose the key to your gun cabinet.
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    Let's keep it civil here name calling or taunting.

    Argue with facts...
  12. Come on now guys... what are we 15? Be civil and keep it clean, you know the forum rules....
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    You're right. I'm sorry for attacking your post grassmoker.
  14. One minor detail with all you people talking about carrying one in the chamber. All of your scenarios are with your attacker in front of you, what if your attacker comes up behind you? If I was going to do harm to someone I wouldn't just come up face to face!! I would attack from behind to get the jump on that person. Of course by my comments I am with the few that don't carry with one in the chamber and no I will not leave my gun at home, sorry!!!! Another thing everybody says if you don't carry with one in the chamber you have no confidence who thought of that anyways. Just putting my opinion out there. Also, thanks to all the opinions though and stories.
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    I don't bash people who carry c3, like I said in an earlier post I would rather someone carry c3 than not carry at all. As to your "attack from behind" scenario, that is a non issue, I carry concealed so no one knows I'm carrying. Plus I carry strong side, if you thing you can get through my garment to my gun, get it out of my holster before I can drop my strong arm and cut you with my support hand, I don't think c1, c3 is going to matter.
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    What if

    I'm with you Fathead00.

    Since we are all talking about "what if" scenarios. Another good reason to carry C3 is this: Let's say that you ARE attacked from behind, the bad guy gets your Glock (those of you who don't have adequate retention). Bad guy will have to fumble with the slide (even some safeties on other guns) for a few seconds before he can fire it at you. Buying time for you to mess him up with krav maga knees and elbows. Just another "what if" Keep your SA up.
  17. I'm not saying I'm going to take your weapon from behind. I'm going to mess your **** up and then while I'm searching you if you have a weapon just a bonus for me! Either way c1 or c3 someone can get there ass kicked! Like the video with the girl confronting the guy with the knife she should have been backing away and reaching for her weapon!! Instead of standing 6 feet from the guy!!! Just common sense there!!! I'm not trying to put anybody down, but way you want to carry is your decision. Thanks again for all the good stories!!!
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    In the event someone defeats my weapon retention skills, I keep 3 ninja stars to disable the attacker.