Concealed Carry with one in the chamber?

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    Do you prefer to carry with one in the chamber? If so why? and if you don't why not?...
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    why carry .. if you dont?:cool:

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    It just amazes me how this topic even comes up on the different boards. Your attacker is going to have one in the chamber. He/she has a serious advantage over you if you don't. You might as well carry a rock, because your only option you will have time for is going to be to throw it, anyway.

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    It is all about reaction time and practice. If you always practice to rack before you shoot you, you will at least remember to do this but it will add time to your reaction time. If you do not practice this, it will go click before you remember to rack, adding even more time.
    Someone with a knife can close a gap of 21 feet and stab faster than the average person can draw and shoot. If you add racking into this time, you are talking 40 feet. This means anyone that can see you can kill you before you have time to defend yourself. Your attacker will always have the drop on you even if you have great situational awareness.
  5. Pretty much exactly how I feel. I used to think I would only carry when I was going to be in sketchy areas. Man I was wrong. Stuff happens all over and you'll never know when. I am not going to live with guilt because I didn't "think" I would need it.

    Always Carry, Always loaded

    ETA: most quality holsters cover the entire trigger guard anyway.
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    I always carry with one in the chamber because you may not have seconds to draw, rack the slide, ensure there's a round in the chamber when you need it the most.
  7. I agree with all of the above posters!
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    here ya go
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    After watching the video, definitely one in the chamber!
  10. dascottsman

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    cocked, locked, and ready to rock........
  11. Levelcross

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    Always with one in the pipe, no time to waste.
  12. always 1 in chamber if you need to use it you wont have the time to rack the slide
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    If you don't trust yourself to carry with a round in the chamber, do everyone a favor and just leave your gun at home.
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    Well, so much for thinking I could get it racked before getting sliced. Thanks for the video. I now carry with one in the pipe.
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    My first post on this new forum.
    I vote for one in the pipe, always.
    It's not always a speed issue either. I read about a guy who was walking his dog when another dog attacked (don't remember the breed) and got ahold of the guys left arm. He was able to pull his gun and shoot but still sustained a lot of nerve and tissue damage to his left hand and arm.
    If he'd not had a round in the chamber, he'd have wound up in a lot worse shape. Can't rack the slide with a dog wrapped around your hand.
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    Just my two emty chamber will kill you not your attacker.:cool:
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    One in the pipe.

    I also believe you should always have your weapon chambered but I think this person may be asking from a safety point of view considering all the accidental discharge stories associated with glocks. I carry a gen 2 glock 22 and feel safe but that is in a good holster with the trigger covered and tons of practice. For a beginner, I would suggest they use a pistol with a grip and trigger safety until they reach a confidence level that allows them to feel safe chambering a glock. Lack of training, a cheap holster with access to the trigger and gittery nerves have caused more than one person to shoot themselves going for their glock.
  18. Levelcross

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    True statement, training is needed to carry any firearm, not just a permit as this does not make you proficient in handling a firearm. I first carried my G22 around the house for about 3 months with a empty mag and clear pipe until I was comfortable drawing from my holster and re-holstering it. Then I practiced with a full mag but still nothing in the chamber and racking the slide with both hands and one handed. Then I felt confident enough to carry with one in the chamber.

    As for the accidental discharges I personally think that is a excuse, it should be listed as a negligent discharge. From everything I have read or experienced, a Glock will not fire with out something hitting the bang switch, either a finger, worn out holster edge, car keys, something in the trigger guard has to depress the safety and trigger. To me this is negligence, I may be wrong but that is just my opinion.

    With that said a great gun needs good equipment, a good quality holster and gun belt will go a long way to help keep you safe.