concealed carry when your overweight

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  1. This is not to offend anyone!

    This is directed towards my fellow overweight men who conceal carry year round.

    Last summer i bought a Kel-Tec PF9 to carry in the pocket of my shorts because my G27 didn't seem to conceal very well with a pocket holster and it was hard to draw too.

    I would like to carry my G27 in the summer time when its hot and would like others input or how they carry their subcompact or compact Glocks or suggestions. i usually wear shorts and t-shirts in the summer.

    As a side note i have a Blackhawk CQC IWB holster(leather), Galco inside the pocket(leather), UnderTech holster T-shirt, belly band, and an leather belt holster.
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    (quietly lurking from the sidelines....waiting for replies....) :p

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    I just recently got the MIC holster and it seems pretty comfortable. I'm 6'2" and 300 lbs it's pretty comfortable and relatively easy to draw. You can search for the video on YouTube and see it in action. Hope this helps.
  4. DarthCadillac: I've seen that mentioned on here before, I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

    I guess I did forget to mention I'm 5'7", 213 lbs. beer belly. Lol!
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    I carried my Glock 29SF in a leather OWB holster, wearing a 5.11 tactical leather belt, and was able to conceal it with just a 2x t-shirt. I'm 5'8" and a lot heavier than you are. 2x is my usual t-shirt size. Darker colors or prints conceal better than plain, light colors. It's all about the holster and where it rides, the belt and where you position it. Personally, I stopped carrying a Glock IWB since I discovered I can conceal it just as well OWB and it's a LOT more comfortable.
  6. Well thats what I'm running to now is looking at going and buying new pants asize or two bigger just to wear the IWB holster but that also would mean buying bigger shorts too. I have thought about going to bigger size T-shirts, I normally wear large T-shirts tucked in. Within the last week i have been wearing the IWB holster with my G27 right about were my groin is with a hoodie over it conceals pretty good especially with my cell phone in the pocket but sometimes not to comfortable though.
    However in the summer time that would be really hot, plus i would look funny.

    I have been thinking about trying a light T-shirt or tank top (to keep the gun and holster off my bare skin) and then a really light button up shirt over for concealing.
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    From an old fat cop

    Hawaiian shirts and Hispanic guayabera work for me. A darker shirt with a print helps break up an outline.

    I only carry IWB @ 4 o'clock with the G19C or pocket with the Rugar LCP.
  8. Cruizer

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    I'm 5' 10'' 258 and loosing thanks to Weight Watchers. I use an OWB pancake ;) holster over my shirt for both 19C and 26.
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    6ft 240, thts what works for me, in summer I can also get away with a 2-3x tank top.
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    I'm 6'1" 265 (and falling)... I carry a chopped G23 with Surefire X300, IWB at 3:30 everyday, Summer or Winter. A T-shirt usually does fine.
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    I am 5' 10" and weigh in at 200. I carry my G26 with a MIC holster 95% of the time and before the MIC I used the Crossbreed Supertuck for my daily carry.
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    Im 5'11 220lbs and carry a g30 in a galco iwb holster.
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    I would seriously recommend OWB carry. I use the holster linked below with a 5.11 Tactical Leather belt. You can find them on eBay, usually in the $25 range...I've found them as low as $15. No need to buy bigger pants. You can also check out Optics Planet, where they have certain styles of Blackhawk CQC leather belts on sale in the $20 range. I haven't used one yet, but I have one on the way and have always heard good things. You can probably find the holster on Optics Planet as well; they usually sell DeSantis holsters in the $45-50 range. With that set up, you can probably get away with just going to XL t-shirts untucked and have no problem.

    Whether you go IWB or OWB, you need a good belt. A good IWB holster will run you about the same $, and shirts are cheaper than pants. Plus it's more comfortable. My 2 cents.
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    Can't do a MIC. I'm proof that God has a sense of humor. My weight is all belly no butt, so I got to "cinch-up" tight to keep from looking like a ghetto rat.

    Besides, ain't no way I'm having a gun moving around that close to Mr. Johnson.

    Joke of the day:
    One of the rookies asked me what am I going to do after I retire. I told him, "Youngin', I'm going to buy me a bass boat". He asked "Why?" I replied, "'Cause I always wanted to have a big Johnson.":)
  15. Thanks jonm61,
    I will check into that. I've been trying out the OWB holster that I have and its working pretty good but up here in the PNW we still need to wear a coat. I like the idea of getting away with a different holster and only purchasing bigger shirts and i think some light button up shirts like hawaiin or similar, so I definitately going to try that first. I do believe i need to get a new belt also so going to check ones more geared to CC.
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    I know what you mean about the placement of the gun in that area. So, what I do is carry the mic at the 430 position just like you would a IWB or OWB carry. I have practiced drawing from there and guess what...the MIC works the same in the position as it does at your belly button. So, those of us with some extra meat on our hips can still carry a MIC and be comfortable.
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    I carry my Blackhawk Serpa under a jacket or coat right now. In the summer I either go with a T-shirt and an opened up button-up shirt or an XL polo with my little .38 like I carried for a number of years. If you happen to see me in a polo that isn't tucked in - there is a gun under it. If it's tucked in, then I'm at work at my IT job. (Damn county won't let me carry at work).
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    Well I'm in the same boat. Rather large guy 6'3" 290 lbs. I use a couple different holsters. I wear all of them in the 4 - 4:30 position. I use a galco stow n go. Works great to quick throw on and run into the store or take out the trash. I also use a blackhawk serpa, let me tell you. It is one sweet holster. Although not really "concealable" without a jacket or sweatshirt. I just received what I believe will be my everyday holster for IWB. It is a tommy theis IWB holster. This thing feels great. I'm sitting on my recliner with it on as I type this. it really distributes the weight of the gun. I really researched all the variations of the "hybrid" IWB holsters like the theis holster. And to me it was the best bang for the buck. And his customer service is top notch.
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    Forgot to say I'm carrying a g26
  20. I'm a former fat guy and am currently a slightly overweight guy. I use my Kholster regardless of the weather. Do I sweat more underneath it than without it? Absolutely, but I believe that would be the case regardless of what kind of holster you wear. It's comfortable and I can wear it all day. That's really all I care about.