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  1. Volky151

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    I used search function but I didnt see what I was looking for.

    I went to the Orlando FL Division of Licensing and filled out electronic CCW application, was digitally fingerprinted and paid $117.00 application fee. I completed the whole application process on site. When I finished with the process the state employee told me it would take approx 4-6 weeks to get my CCW permit.

    I have heard of applicants waiting over 6 weeks due to mailing paperwork in.

    If I accomplished entire application process on site, will it still take 4-6 weeks to receive my permit?

    Anyone on here apply on site? Did applying on site speed things up or did it you still have to wait 4-6 weeks?
  2. dslmac2

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    Welcome to the forum! I did the same process you did and got my CCL in 12 days. A friend did his appointment on April 30 and got his last week Monday 5/14 so it seems to be about the same amount of time.

  3. jonm61

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    I'm sure it will speed things up, but they're not going to promise you anything sooner than what they promise people who mail it in.
  4. akvs22

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    I have heard the same thing. They will not promise it sooner but it seems to be a quicker turn around if you do everything in person at a Regional Office.
  5. There is absolutely no difference in the actual processing. The only difference is it gets to their desk today instead of a week from now. Processing time will be exactly the same.
  6. I applied for a UPIN( Unique Personal Identification Number) because when purchasing a firearm I am put on a "conditional hold" because of some glitch somewhere. They said that it will be awhile because they were still processing applications from October!
  7. piken

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    I had my CCW in 11 days after doing the same process in WPB.
  8. jonm61

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    That depends and from the responses here it certainly seems like many of them are being processed faster. If you're sending in paper fingerprints, it definitely takes longer and with them getting their pictures done, digitally, on site rather than those who mail it in with a passport photo that has to be scanned, that would certainly speed things up. Livescan fingerprints process instantly most of the time, or with 24 hours if something's slowing the system.

    FL's fast, but in the 14 years I've had a FL CWL, I've never had it processed in less than a month, even when I lived there. Usually it's closer to 5 or 6 weeks.
  9. Thats my point, I guess I didn't make it well. The information will reach them faster because there is no waiting on the mail. In the mail there is time for it to arrive, and then fingerprints get sent off and they wait on that. Electronic all of the information is available to them the moment they open your file. There is still all of the processing application steps though, so it may not be faster in that respect.

    If I had to guess anytime they say for example four weeks, one week of that is allotted for the mail.
  10. DevilDawg235

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    I got mine in 28 days. I didnt do it electronically and also expected to wait 4-6 weeks. Do what I did, call the 850 number on ur package and use the tracking number to check on the status of it.
  11. Im in FL as well and it took 10 days to get mine.
  12. TampaBaySean

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    I mailed mine in 5 years ago and got it in 30 days . Now it's up for renewal
    We have a Dept of Ag ,div of licensing sub station here in Tampa so now I walk in with mu old permit , DL , and a money order for 65 and walk out with my new 7 year permit ! Be there afriday
  13. Volky151

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    I got CCW permit in the mail today. So it only took 11 days.
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    I had to make an appointment at the division of licensing here in Jax. Been waking a month for their soonest available. I go on Monday. We'll see how long mine takes ones all things are completed.
  16. JayDiablo

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    So here's the update on my Florida CCW permit. I received it in 12 days including weekends. So that wasn't bad at all.
  17. Congrats! I'm still waiting on mine to show up in the mailbox! The automated permit status # said mine was mailed last week. Stupid snail mail.
  18. JayDiablo

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    Lol yeah, give it time. It was a pleasant surprise when it showed up.
  19. glockmedic

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    I did my applications finger printing and pictures at a regional office an received my permit a week to the day after that. The same happen for a buddy of mine but my dads took 3 weeks. It's the state of Florida it's gonna take as long as they want. I would still recommend doing it at a regional office vs. mailing an app in.
  20. Dark Knight

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    Mailed mine in from ca and it took a month to receive