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    License - sorry could not edit title

    4/27/12 - A man stabbed two people at the Smith's Marketplace grocery store in downtown Salt Lake City before being subdued by a bystander.
    The attack took place around 5:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the store at 455 S. 500 East.

    According to a witness, it appears one man was stabbed in the side of the head and another was stabbed in the stomach. The exact condition of the victims is unknown, but police believe the injuries are very serious and possibly critical.

    Police say a bystander with a concealed carry permit witnessed the attack and stepped in to keep it from escalating.
    (The bystander) was suspicious of what might be going on, and when he saw the stabbing, he just drew his pistol and challenged the individual," which caused the alleged attacker to lie down on the ground, said Salt Lake City Police Lt. Brian Purvis.

    By the time police officers arrived on the scene, the man was subdued and is now in custody.
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    :) good for him. We need more guys / Women in this world like this by stander.

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    That's awesome that the guy stepped in when he was supposed to. The perspective of this story for the person with a firearm is perceived as a hero at least. Sometimes the media goes nuts.
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    Thanks for sharing that story. Its great to hear of good people out there doing the right thing.
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    Nice example of just because we have guns doesn't mean we'll kill more people than criminals. He could have legally killed the man and still been a hero. Instead he didn't, the criminal is going to jail to live out what he has left of his life, and the bystander didn't give more fuel to the anti-gun protesters.

    I hope the victims make it out alive and well.
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    Machete wielding burglar stopped by man armed with shotgun.

    5/4/12 - EDISTO ISLAND, SC

    Authorities say a man who was attempting to rob a home on Edisto Island was stopped by the homeowner who was armed with a shotgun.

    Deputies charged 33-year-old Manuel Reyes of Edisto Island with first-degree burglary.

    On Friday morning around 2:30 a.m., deputies responded to a home on Clark Road for a report of a burglary in progress.

    The homeowner said he saw a man inside his home armed with a machete. An incident report states that the homeowner then grabbed his shotgun and held the suspect until deputy's arrived.

    The suspect initially told authorities that he was running from several people who were chasing him. Authorities say a check of the area did not reveal anyone in the area and the suspect couldn't provide any detailed descriptions.
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    BOULDER, Colo. – A suspected female intruder was shot by a homeowner on the 400 block of College Avenue in Boulder early Wednesday morning, according to police.

    The home belongs to a married couple who told investigators they were awakened by a noise, which they initially thought was a raccoon, in the middle of the night.

    “When the female homeowner realized that the noise was not a raccoon, but someone who had opened the door and entered the bedroom, both she and her husband shouted for the intruder to get out,” said Boulder Police spokeswoman Kim Kobel. “The male homeowner shouted that he had a gun and would use it if the intruder did not leave immediately.”

    The couple told police the intruder, who was carrying a light, ignored their demands and continued walking through the bedroom.

    “At that point, the husband fired one shot toward the light, and heard what sounded like something falling onto floor,” said Kobel.

    When the husband turned on the light, they saw the intruder on the floor with a gunshot wound to her hip. The couple then called 911 at about 3:26 a.m.

    Kobel said the intruder was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

    “Apparently (the) young woman, possibly a student, said she was lost, according to the detective,” says Tom Kellogg, who lives on the same block.

    Boulder police say the incident may fall under the state’s “Make My Day” law, but that decision ultimately, would be made by the Boulder District Attorney’s Office.

    No names have been released.

    Female home intruder shot in Boulder | is the website for KDVR Television, FOX 31 News in Denver, Colorado
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    On a darkened, deserted stretch of road in Titusville FL, a man sat behind the wheel of a yellow-and-green taxi cab discussing the fare with his passenger.

    Suddenly, a single shot from a small-caliber handgun struck the unidentified Global Cab driver in the back of the head.

    From there, Titusville police say the taxi driver acted instinctively to save his life, pulling out his own handgun and firing off several rounds in the cab that left passenger Marize Simone Brooks dead in the backseat.

    “(The cab driver’s) lucky to be alive,” said Lt. Cleyton Bray of the Titusville Police Department. “He did a good job defending himself.”

    The deadly shooting took place at about 2 a.m. on an isolated portion of roadway near the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Elizabeth Avenue in Titusville, not far from where 19-year-old Brooks asked the driver to be dropped off, police said.

    The driver of the cab has not been charged.