Concealed carry holders:How much do you practice?

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    OF late, I shoot three times a week. I dry fire practice and draw daily for 15" per day to 20" per day.

    If alone, I set up like this or other ways to shoot different targets, different distances, shooting while moving.


    If I practice new draws, scenarios and movements, I start with the lower only. Then I put the upper, followed by training ammo and then I Go Live fire.


    How often do you practice?
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    Sorry but I gotta ask...and don't take this as in I am trying to be a dick....umm if you can't trust yourself to unload your weapon properly to ensure that you can practice without shooting yourself, do you think you are qualified to CCW?

    I have never seen that "using the lower only" thing, but its your hing ok go for it....but seriously if you can't practice they way you are going to have to use the weapon in the real world...why practice at all?

    I am assuming also that when you CCW you do not carry one in the chamber for fear of this also correct?

    Just trying to figure out the logic is all


  3. I go through periods in which I will dry-fire practice pretty intensively but most of the time I don't practice as often as I should. I live 100 miles from my range so live-fire is something I only do every couple months throughout the year.
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    Good question.

    Like every training opportunity, it's a graded progression in adult learning. It's just a different way of doing things when trying something new. Especially for the newer CCW folks out there.

    My experience with fellow shooters/CCW holders is that most fumble around and it concerns me. It's endemic. In all honesty, a majority do not train to the level that I feel should be necessary.

    There's enough stories and documented videos out there of people shooting themselves.

    I agree 100%. However, some people need to crawl before they walk and walk before they run.

    However, i know MOST if not all are uncomfortable drawing a gun let alone carrying a loaded gun. This is intended for novices/beginners to use the mechanics of drawing and drawing/moving - in conjunction with any safety precautions. As I commented in the video, then, one can go to the slide, slide with training rounds/snap caps and finally GO LIVE!

    It's just a suggested way of being safer. Nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Some real training, such as an NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course, is the solution for the uncomfortable CCW holder.
  6. I dry fire daily, I practice holster and draw tactics daily, Krav Maga twice a week, and range at least once per month.
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    I am working in Australia at the moment, and will be for the rest of the year. I did practice daily with drawing, and bring the weapon to my sight picture, with range time at least three times a month. Being in a foreign country, not being able to even have my handgun, or carry any type of defensive weapon, I find myself still going through the motions of drawing, and acquiring a sight picture.
  8. And another thing that I suggest everyone practice is magazine identification. Take three magazines, fill one completely, then fill the other two randomly, making sure they aren't full. Mix them up with your eyes closed, keep them closed, and slap it into the gun. Don't chamber. Try to identify the magazines.

    If you carry different guns of different calibers, do this with all of them. You should always know the feeling in the weight of a pistol that is loaded, partially loaded, and empty. You should know in the dark with no visual what caliber you are holding and the magazine's current state.

    I have been doing this for years, and I can tell you if you hand me a G19 or G26 that isn't +1. I can tell you how many rounds are missing, and what caliber it is.
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    I routinely practice draw from concealment and from the duty rig. I go to the range as often as I can. Sometimes this is every three months and sometimes every week. Budgetary considerations mean a lot when I decide on whether or not to go. Fortunately I also live in the county on 40 acres, so I also walk the property to make sure no one is there and then use the .22 pistol and rifle just for basic marksmanship. It's also cheap and FUN. I intend to pick up a Walther P22 for just this reason. I have a Smith & Wesson 22A for full size training and my trusty Ruger 10/22 with modifications for the rifle. I also enjoy shooting the shotgun at home. A friend reloads and I get nice quality ammo at a great price that the Mossberg loves.