Concealed Carriers Official Trailer

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  1. Has anyone seen this? Looks good.
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    Is that a course one can take? Or is it some kind of "reality" show?
    I wasn't able to determine that from the video.

  3. I honestly dont know. I'm not sure if its a trailer for a movie/documentary or what. There is a facebook page for it also but I have not seen anymore details.
  4. Its some type of film. The facebook page has director credits etc etc on it.
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    This is awesome. I would love to take a course like this! Can u post a link of the FB page, thanks.

    Not sure what was up with my vid link earlier. Posted from my phone and all worked well, came home and the vid link went to some other crap on you tube. Fixed now.:D
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  7. Here's a snippet screen shot from their event page on FB. Not enough details as to where it's happening.....

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  8. Got a response on FB from them. The film is in post production now and will be available in the fall.
  9. Blows my mind at the lack of interest in this. Maybe I should've done like most and posted it in the wrong maybe actual Glock section.

    Oh wait, I could post it multiple times.:rolleyes:

  10. Documenteries have a way of stirring up **** or giving a bad image. I reserve judgement.
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    Yeah, like this farce shown on ABC News.
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  12. That link is taking me to nothing on YT.

    I'm willing to bet it's a link to that bogus conceal thing they had with VERY bogus scenarios with joe smoes against trained LEO in a public situation.
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    Damn iPad linking. I'll fix the vid link when I can get in front of a PC, but yes, it's that very one.