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So I am just wondering has anyone in Texas recently gone thru the class and paperwork?

From the few places I've called prices seem to range from $90-$175 for the 10 hour class and range test. Then its another $10 for 2 passport photos (some classes do this free) Finger Printing at an L1 approved location $10 and then an additional $140 for paperwork to the state - wait 30-90 days for license.

I was always under the impression Texans liked guns - why would they make it so expensive? Kinda bummed - Now ill have to wait till payday and that's not till the first of next month :(
Yeah, that's a little pricey. I live in TN and the class and range course fee is between $65-$75. App fee to the state is $115 and they take your photo there at no extra cost. The fingerprinting is done at the local sheriff's dept. at no extra cost as well.
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