Compression Concealment Shirts

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  1. TheKraken

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    Anyone have any experience using the Concealment shirts or the Belly Bands?
    Pros and Cons
    Just curious.
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Belly Bands are real good for concealment, but you got to practice

    presentations as it can also slow your draw time.

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  3. Happysniper1

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    If you are referring to concealment t-shirts, I have the Tactical 5.11 concealment undershirt ($59.99 plus tax at Scheel's), in black. I use it when I wear formal attire but cannot wear my shoulder rig.

    It is available in black or white, stay away from the white because gun oils will permanently stain it.

    It is totally elastic. Stretches and bends well, does not affect body or arm movement. With a dress shirt on top of it (or coat and tie) the gun is totally invisible.

    I keep the '26 or the '30 in the left side pocket, and one spare mag in the right side pocket.

    One con: the pocket has no holster in it, so a small pistol like the G26 (or the G30) will move around in the pocket. Been toying with the idea of making some kind of holster to insert into the pocket, but have not really sat down and focused on the issue.

    Other con: costs as much as some high-end holsters.

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  4. Will they hold a 35 in it?
  5. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    A G35? I would imagine so. I can easily put my Beretta 92G in it. Hang on, lemme check pocket measurements....
  6. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    The pocket depth is jsut over 10". See the pics below.

    The grey part is the padded pocket, and note the location of the Beretta's muzzle, that is the bottom of the pocket.

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  7. TheKraken

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    Thanks Happysniper1 and Shooter13 for the input. I have wondered if they are worth the money. I think I will stick to my holsters for the moment. I might pick one up to try when I have some extra money.........or..........just buy more ammo. Lol!
  8. jonm61

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    I like the 5.11 shirts, but the others that you'll find online or at gun shows are different. They put the gun further back and for me it made the gun nearly inaccessible. I'm pretty thick in the chest, which makes it difficult. Compared to a regular vertical shoulder holster, those shirts put the gun an inch or more further back.

    As far as belly bands, I have one that I use when I'm in gym clothes. It's comfortable enough to wear all day around the house as well.

    My only issue with it is that mine doesn't have a thumb break. That's generally not a problem, it held the gun well, but I was wearing it one day when I went to the doctor. I forgot that this particular doctor pulled my shirt up when listening to my heart & lungs; most of my doctors listen through my shirt. Well, he pulled my shirt up quickly and unexpectedly. My hand didn't get back fast enough and my shirt grabbed the butt of my Walther PPS, yanking it out of the belly band and sending it flying to the floor. Needless to say, the doctor freaked out and I left it in the car or kept it in my pocket after that. He slowed down on pulling my shirt up too. :)

    It did allow me to confirm that the Walther drop safety works...
  9. TheKraken

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    Ok cool, then when it's time, I will go with the 5.11 shirts.
    Thanks jonm61.
  10. Not sure if its been mentioned but right now is giving away a free belly band with any concealment shirt purchase.
  11. I've never used the Concealment shirt but I had a belly band for my bug and loved it.... Even wore it running once and didn't have any problems. The belly band is a good way to carry when you are in gym shorts or you have your shirt tucked in and can't wear a holster.

    Happysniper1, try using a remora holster in the concealment shirt for your Glock 26, might help