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  1. Gents et al,
    Couldn't find a "general discussion " forum so.........
    DO you/we ALWAYS comply with the "no firearms" silhouette ( had to look up that spelling) ??
    I DO have an answer/opinion I'll share after I get a sense of a consensus herein one way or the other.
    PS: I understand there are OBVIOUS places where PROHIBITIONS should prevail.
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  2. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I don’t think think this is going to go the way you think it is.. check me down for follow all local, & federal firearm laws. C.A.N.T.
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  3. Danzig

    Danzig I do hood rat sh%t! Supporter

    I only comply with state & federal legal signage. The BS generic no guns allowed signs at places like Buffalo Wild Wings, I ignore. Out of sight means out of mind.

    BTW: I do break the rule at the post office.
  4. Well, no need for me to hold back my opinion any longer. Danzig, under the " great minds..........:)." thoery, stated exactly my thoughts on the question. Where there are State and Federal restrictions, the action is OBVIOUS. However, there ARE places which can be considered "soft targets" such as the American Legion posts, the VFW posts , restaurants etc where "judgement" should/could be the operative word and NOT outright prohibition.
    I am of the opinion that we, who have been judged capable and issued a license to carry, will exercise that RIGHT with GREAT discretion.

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  5. Southlake

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  6. Robert Kittine

    Robert Kittine Active Member

    I want to preserve my gun ownership as long as possible and will comply with all State and Federal Laws. I may not like them all, but I am not about to risk incarseration.

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  7. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I agree with the restaurant, etc signs.
  8. Sparky_D

    Sparky_D Gen 3 G19 Shooter Supporter

    Unless the signage holds a penalty of law, then I ignore them.

    I don't go to bars or cannabis stores, I have no children in schools, and I don't have a reason to enter courthouses.

    I only go into the post office lobby to access my PO Box, which is in the public lobby. The "No Firearms" sign is on the inner door to the counters.
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  9. NWG40

    NWG40 Well-Known Member Supporter

    X2.......Yeah......what he said.
    But about the restaurants. Cafe's and small restaurants....OK
    But where there's alcohol served, that could get sticky.
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  10. LostinTexas

    LostinTexas Well-Known Member

    You talking about this? [​IMG]
    If so, it isn't worth the paper it's printed on in a lot of places. We have what are affectionately known as 3006 and 3007 signs. They must be exactly worded and size and lettering have to meet minimums, but if they do, carry the weight of law.
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  11. RevV

    RevV Well-Known Member

    In some states like SC signs placed by business owners carry the force of law IF the signs meet state statutes. Many signs do not. If the business owner fails to get a sign that meets the statutes then I ignore the sign. Cheesecake Factory is a good example.

    I sometimes ignore even legitimate signs but not at the Post Office, schools etc.

    Some malls have legitimate signs on the main entrances but not at some of the doors to Individual stores. I use the doors that have no signs.

    In other states like PA signs posted by business owners do not have the force of law so of course I ignore them.

    One should always know the relevant Firearm laws for any place one plans to be.
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  12. The only place that I ever notice those signs is at the post office. I never notice them anywhere else.
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  13. PaPow

    PaPow Well-Known Member Supporter

    I dont ignore the signs or the laws, i just dont go to places where i cant conceal carry.
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  14. Firedog

    Firedog Well-Known Member

    nope, the only place I heed the warning are court houses where you have to go through a metal detector. I even carry on school grounds when there are or were christmas concerts etc. If you know me and see me most likely have something on me.
    Correction: I dont carry into ANTI GUN states I am not going to be bubba's cell mate
  15. Dragnet

    Dragnet Member

    Starbucks coffee has these signs.....n I’m always armed......concealed thot means no one knows......if something goes down were I need to use my firearm.......the last thing am gonna to be worried about is a sign
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  16. Beside thanking y'all for NOT "noticing" my misssspelt "Compiance= CompLiance" post topic heading, thank you for the input. Other than the OBVIOUS, IMHO, these signs are STUPID and as in the Starbucks case, POLITICALLY inspired with NO regard for their customers.
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  17. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    Fixed it for you Mark
  18. mattm

    mattm last one, I promise Supporter

    I was just at the post office and didn't see one of those's a tiny place, and I would have seen one if it had one. Not sure if I was carrying or not ;). Not sure if I am ever carrying or not. It's the eternal mystery, but I'm okay with that.
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  19. Richard Davis

    Richard Davis Well-Known Member

    RevV, when you were talking about the mall entrance thing, that is exactly what my CCL instructor said 11 years ago. When I mentioned it on another Glock forum - which I largely detest and the name will not be mentioned here - a moderator openly accused ME of breaking some kind of law(?). I didn't even say if I agreed with the statement or not (which I do).
    In retrospect, I'm kind of glad I ditched that forum, if not, I might have discovered this one. You folks are ALOT more neighborly and helpful.
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  20. NWG40

    NWG40 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Here in Seattle there's a city ordinance stating if it's posted you don't carry. That's fine with me as I'd tend to do business elsewhere that doesn't advertise a target rich environment.
    The only thing I see that might snag people is a trespass charge anywhere else.
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