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    So I dropped by one of the local gun shops to get a crossbreed holster for my 1911. While there, we began a discussion about a trigger job on my G22. For a 3lb reduction in the pull, $60. Is this worth it?

    And for my LEO friends,

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    Dude, Ghost "Rocket" is like $25, and you install yourself. I have it in my G17, and it's worth so much more than it cost!!!! I feel my shooting is so much more accurate!!

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    A 3lb reduction? Is this a carry gun?
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    Google the "Glock 25 cent polish job" can do this yourself (and at same time learn intricacies of the Glock internals) and coupled with a 3.5 lb connector you will get down to a 3 - 4 lb trigger. Remember, stock Glocks are around 5 lb trigger so dropping 3lbs from there puts you around 2...a smooth, crisp 4lb trigger us good for competition and carry. Hope this helps save you $60...

  5. Hurricane460

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    Order it and do it your self = knowing your pistol = expanding your knowledge about Glock = A GOOD RAINY PROJECT!
  6. The rocket is not a drop in. At least i have been told it is not.

    You can get a standard ghost 3.5lb and a 6lb wolf spring for around $20 and do it in about five minutes.

    The $0.25 trigger job could not be more pointless.
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    Do you mind explaining "why" to those of us who might have less experience? (i'm trying to phrase this question so it sounds less confrontational and not doing a good job of it. My apologies. This is a genuine request for info/curiosity and I'm not "calling you out" in any way. I just want to make sure there's no misconception here.)

    Are you referring to it being pointless to lightening trigger pull? If so, I totally agree. I did a $2.50 polishing job based on the $0.25 job when I dropped in my NY1 spring, but that was more for "feel" than anything else. And it was a minute difference.

    The $0.25 trigger job seems to be trumpeted far and wide as a "nice to do" for trigger "feel". You're the first person I've heard who's said that it's pointless, so I'd love to hear the reasons why.

    If nothing else, the video IS a good jump off point for those who have never taken apart their Glock before.

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    The simplest way of getting a noticeably better trigger pull is a zev tech race connector and a trigger stop. If u get the 3 spring kit, u will need to get a skeletonized striker to eliminate light primer strikes. Polishing the trigger bar and striker and connector only helps with the gritty feeling by removing machining marks.

  9. The $0.25 trigger job does nothing to alter the feel of the trigger. It is nothing more than a psychological placebo made incredibly popular by it's pretty much free cost and incredible easy DIY qualities. People want a lighter or smoother trigger, and people love cheap/free. The concept behind it makes perfect sense, like in an engine we believe polishing components will enable them to operate more smoothly thus giving us the effect we so desire.

    While this is true in engines (for the most part) it is not true inside of a Glock in regards to the trigger components. The trigger feel is not a result of the finish on the connector or any of the other parts, but rather is a result of the desgin. The feel comes from the stress breaking point of the contact points and such of the parts, not the mating surfaces. Anyone with the proper instruments to measure the trigger can tell you it does nothing. Now if you polish a brand new Glock or a filthy old as dirt Glock you may notice something real. This is not by altering any kind of design or by the concept itself, but rather by the need for a break in period and the need for a good cleaning, respectively.

    Continuing on with our engine comparison, in the early 90's dirt bike sports saw a mjor boost. People were desperate to squeeze out any additional power they could and spend as little as possible. Shops across the country started abusing the terminology "powerband" (meaning of course the point across which an engine makes the most power) as if it were an actual part. They would sell red, yellow, blue, etc powerbands to customers. This was nothing more than a literal colored band placed somewhere on the motor or the bike depending on their story, and they would tell customers of it's performance effects on the engine. These same people would bet their life that the bike almost doubled in power. Another example of psychological placebo.

    It's nothing more than basic psychology and a total waste of any time invested into it.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Nuckin, we disagree and agree on several issues...

    This is one that I agree with full on. $0.25 trigger jobs may make things a little smoother, but doesn't really amount to anything. No trigger weight reduction, no cleaner trigger break or faster reset. No proof it does either.
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    I would just buy the trigger spring and connector and install them yourself. Eventually you should end up disassembling the gun to the same point for a thorough cleaning anyway.

    As far as polishing the metal to metal friction points, it costs very little to do(a little metal polish and some Q-tips). If the surfaces that are in contact are not polished(rougher), there is more friction than if they were polished. Hence to reduce friction, a little polishing and lubrication helps.
    Also, a polished metal is more resistant to a buildup of residue.

    Here is a video from Youtube: [ame][/ame]
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    You have to make some adjustments, but it's pretty much drop in. It has an extra little notch you have to sand down to fit the weapon, but if I can do it anyone can. You can oder the couple pieces that it takes to install. I put in a Ghost "Ultimate" trigger which is completely drop in, and it's also supposed to be a 3.5lb pull. Comparing my "Rocket" to his "Ultimate" which supposedly have the same pound pull, the "Rocket" is much nicer. Totally worth the small amount of modification that is needed,
  13. Good to know.

    I'm surprised there is such a difference. Having the ultimate I now want a rocket lol
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    What do y'all think about this?

    Rocket Trigger Installation Kit for Glocks GEN 1-4
    Use a GHOST INC trigger connector and become a "Ghost Maker" not a ghost!We combined all the parts necessary for a do it yourself installation of the ROCKET and to give you best lightest & safest trigger pull possible. You save a few bucks and get everything in one shot! The Kit includes 6 parts: 1.) 1-Rocket2.) 1- 6.0 lb Trigger Spring3.) 1- 4.0 lb Firing Pin Spring4.) 1-GhostArmorers Plate 5.) 1-Ghost Armorers Tool6.) 1- Reduced power firing pin safety spring. Please Note: ... $39.95
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  15. It comes with things you don't need. If you want all that, it's a decent deal. If not it's overpriced. Rockyourglock has the connector for $14 and the wolf 6# spring for like $8 IIRC. I have posted the links countless times.
  16. mcdiver

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    Took your advise and bought the ghost connector and wolf 6# spring from rockyourglock.
  17. Let us know how you like it. I have been through several combinations and I LOVE this one. Such a great difference.

    Good news is if you don't like it you can sell it on here in about 3 seconds lol
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    Thanks nukin! Will let you know when I get parts and do the work.
  19. mikecu

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    Wolf springs has the 3 spring kit for $9. I didn't look into the shipping though.
    SKU # 33230