Combat Action Vs Combat Infantry

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    Now I'll start off by saying I am aware there is a process involved officially through the army but I'm just saying. I served in the Marine Corps for 4 years as a grunt did 2 tours in Iraq and earned my combat action ribbon. I'm currently in the national guard a huge different let me tell you, the reason I joined the army is because there is no marine infantry reserve unit in my state, I'll die a marine I'm just attached to the army haha. Anyways there are guys in my unit that say I don't rate to wear a combat infantry badge even though I earned a combat action ribbon in the marine corps. It pisses me off because a lot of these guard scabs a fat pieces of **** an they wear cib's. Anyone have a thought in the matter?

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    Here's one thought: who gives a f* what "fat pieces of s*" think. Ignore them.

    Thank you for your service.

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    The hell with them bro. Least you know you earned it, Thats all that matters. They just mad because army stands for:

    A: arnt
    R: ready
    M: marines
    Y: yet

    Lol im jk. Anyway, thank you and to all who serve for your service.