Coloroda Theatre Shootings

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  1. dbmcclus

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    Found this on a website today:

    "It appears that Cinemark Holdings Inc., owner of the theater where these murders took place exercises its rights as an owner of private property in Colorado to bar those who hold concealed carry permits from exercising their rights in its theaters. As a result, law-abiding citizens, including owners of concealed carry permits, who were in the theater that dreadful night were unarmed and thus unable to defend themselves and their fellow movie-goers from the murderous attack visited upon them".

    To quote Edmund Burke:

    "For evil to prevail, good men need only do nothing"
  2. ModernMusashi

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    I wonder if a ccw holder could sue the theater chain for not allowing them to carry and therefore couldn't defend themselves.

  3. tfraz

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    When I took my ccw class, the officer who tought the class said that as long as some little old lady doesn't see your firearm on your side in walmart, don't worry about the signs. This came from a cop. You might get a stern talking too if they get called. It's called concealed for a reason. If noone sees it, then no issue.
  4. iGlock

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    Arnt you allowed to open carry in a walmart though? I have here in AZ.
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    Depends on the state. I believe CO is similar to PA where the owner can put up a sign and if you violate the sign, you're not in violation of any law. HOwever, the owner can ask you to leave. If you refuse, then it's criminal trespass, etc. etc. maybe some weapons offenses thrown in for good measure, etc.


    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Yes! I do all the time! Depends on the state though...

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    There was a law that was shot down here in AZ stating just that.
  8. G29EDC

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    I live in Iowa and here there is also no laws regarding carrying on private property that is posted "no weapons". So the only place I don't carry is where prohibited by state and federal law ie. schools, court house, etc...
  9. Blackmagic02

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    +1. Same with Kentucky.
  10. Glockwork

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    +1 and I live in Iowa as well.
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    Not saying that I ever carried somewhere I am not supposed to ;), but at theaters or anywhere they charge admission to get in is a no no for CCW in NC. So I revert to words of wisdom "Common sense is your best Friend".
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    Ohh alright right.

    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    No sign ever prevented a crime.

    The theater is private property. They are posting their rules*, not regulating CC. This means the most that could happen is you get asked to leave. (More happens, of course, if you make a nuisance of yourself and disturb their peace after being asked to do so.)

    Others have already said it: as long as you're legally allowed to CC and you don't reveal that you are, how are they going to know.

    * KYSL: Depending on your jurisdiction, their rules might also happen to be state law.