Colorado Shooting

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by Glock897, Jul 20, 2012.

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    Amen! I've been arguing with these anti gun clowns all day about this incident!
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    Great post! They are stating he was by emergency exit when he started shooting at front of theater, so if a CCW holder was there that would have had a gun with him, he / they could have shot at him and at least been able to draw his fire and maybe many less would have been killed or wounded....
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    I feel the same way. Even if he was wearing a vest someone could have shot him in the head. But instead of hearing about the need for armed citizens the politicians will just focus on tighter gun laws. And oh yeah the shooter was carrying two Glock pistols I'm surprised the politicians haven't pointed that out. But I hear the dude was decked out in full tactical gear. He was probably doing more damage with his AR than anything else. What an idiot. Just terrible to do something like that
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    Have they said if his headgear was protective too? They said even his crotch and neck were protected. It seems like he was expecting a firefight. Too bad someone didn't blow him away.
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    I heard he had on a gas mask and was using tear gas. I don't know if it's true or not. Can anyone confirm?
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    Yes that's true. Also had a AR with a 100 rnd drum a Remington 870 and two Glocks chambered in .40 not sure which model all this is according to the media..
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    Someone could have taken that guy out since it was a gas mask. Senseless!
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    Im going to post that on facebook
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    Watching o'reilly factor now . and as you can believe the media is beginning to blame it on guns. And gun control . this guy was a f'n nut . If u want to blame some one blame the murder that thought this out thoroughly.
    More gun control won't stop these people more of us law abiding citizens with guns can and will stop these people . they will always find a way to get a gun. if not a gun they will make a bomb. violence will not stop unless people stand up to it.
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    I agree. A psycho that is this determined can come up with alternate means to commit heinous acts. He could've used Molotov cocktails and killed as many or more. Would the hacks demand gasoline be banned?
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    If there were more guns or more citizens how carried guns this **** wouldn't happen
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    An armed society is a polite society
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    Can't recall of a shooting at gun show. Where lot of guns & gun nuts are.
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    Come to think of it, I can't either. Very good point
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    So, since the other guy had a ball bat are they going to outlaw those? And i suppose they should take cars away because they cause death the same way. Just sayin.
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    Larry the cable guy says "Blaming guns is like blaming pencils for spelling words wrong". Wake up people!
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    I so agree. There is a old saying "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." Tougher gun laws aren't the answer. What we have sure hasn't worked. If we need have to have gun laws make them work. It's a joke " Are you a whack job? No
    Here's your gun. 14 dead and climbing. Our laws only keep the honest more honest.
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    My morning facebook post

    Madness can never be outlawed. The world we live in is rank with violence and madness. It is a natural part of our human makeup and it will always be with us. However one reasonably prepared individual can stop madness from continuing with a well placed shot. A lesson could be taken from the Israelis. After years of suffering from the madness of terrorism the citizenry there take responsibility for their own safety. This in no way prevents acts of madness. However it most certainly limits its extent. Now it is time to shoot back. Those who prefer to be protected by a society who hires and parses out its protectors will not agree. Those who feel it is their personal responsibility to protect themselves and their loved ones will. My condolences to all who suffered in this needless act of madness.