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So I think that my G17 25th anniversary Glock is going to unfired and store in a display case. Its #157/2500 so I really want to keep this piece clean. The question is this will be the first weapon I'm storing long term. My other two guns get fired weekly.

So whats the best way to store this, do I strip and lube it? Leave the factory grease in and just oil the inside of the barrel? Any tips would be appreciated.

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I use these for long term storage and protection of my collectable firearms...close to 20 years now !!

Physical Properties
No Rust Ferrous 4 mil transparent yellow film

Tensile Strength: 1150-2400 psi

Elongation: 550%

Seal Strength: Impulse-5.2 lbs - Thermal- 5.0 lbs

Recommended Sealing:

Temperature: 320-340 degree F dependent upon actual sealing equipment,
temperatures adjusted for dwell and pressure.

Color: Yellow transparent

Gauge: .004 (+ or - 10%)

Shelf life: 5 years at 85 degree F or less

Comes in all sizes from derringer to pistol/revolver to rifle/shotgun
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