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    Got off the couch and went to the office that is full of garage sale stuff that LostWife says she is going to sell.
    Dug to the load pedestal, and spent an hour or two de-priming, trimming, chamfuring and de-burring some brass for my CM. I do this by hand and they were cramping by the end. Next stop, annealing. When dry it will get sized again and then off to the tumbler.
    It is relaxing work for me and pays off in the end. I'll spend 3-4 times the amount of time of prepping rifle brass as loading.
    I guess I need to start loading pistol again, but unfortunately, I missed the window on that. Load supplies are just about unobtanium any more. Pistol was always cheap, and easy to find, or I had plenty put back, but this time caught me off center a bit.
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    So wonder when this stuff will hit the shelves again? After an inventory I see that I have enough to keep me going for the next year or maybe a bit longer. Are the manufacturers making as much as they can like 3 full shifts or are there shortages of materials as well. Think I'll do some digging around but after that what's a fellow going to do if the prices go through the roof. We need to keep our fingers crossed and hope that the politicians don't completely destroy the industries that we all depend on for our shooting needs. Had a fellow come by and pick up a shooting matt for his kids. After talking for a bit he stated that the new rifle he purchased to teach his youngsters to shoot would have to wait for awhile till he found ammo. When it comes to kids I get real concerned. I went and got him a brick of ammo so he could get started right away. We need the kids to get interested and stay interested in shooting. They are the future of our 2nd Amendment Rights!!!!


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    First up welcome to the forum! Mate you have done well, You have hit the nail on the head! Kids have to be taught ,that firearms in sensible hands are a tool and not the terrible weapons of mass destruction the Media and other antis would have them think! I used to make a living hunting and shooting and now nothing gives me more pleasure than training and coaching the next generation