Cold Bore Customs?

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  1. Has anyone had any work done by Cold Bore Customs? They specialize in grip reductions and texturing. I've visited their website and they do very quality work at an affordable price by the looks of the gallery of photos. I'm very interested in getting a grip reduction done on my G26 Gen 4, but they request to be contacted first before shipment. So, after 3 e-mails and 2 attempted phone calls, they haven't contacted me!!!! Has anyone had a similar experience with the poor customer service of this company? Don't mean to be so critical, but this ridiculous! Feedback please!
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    Hmmm no I've never had an issue communicating with him. He is a police officer, so it may be that he is busy at the moment.

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    Check out polymer grip profiling. He usually has a booth at DFW gunshows. Nice looking work.
  4. Well, I finally received an email from Lane last night and I would like to apologize for my criticism of him not responding. I didn't know he was a full time LEO and that Cold Bore is just a side business. Looks like I'm gonna get my grip reduction done! But, I'll have to wait 3 weeks to send it off because he is so back logged! Oh well, goods things come to those you wait!
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    Lane is VERY quick on replies. I e-mailed late last night and he provided a very detailed reply just a half hour ago.
  6. I actually spoke with Lane on the phone the next day after he responded by email. He's a very polite and professional guy! We talked for 45 minutes! Can't wait to get my grip reduction done!