CMMG Banshee with Sylvan folder

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    Rather than clutter the other PCC threads, thought I'd put this separate. Got the Sylvan Gen-3 folder on the Banshee, and even with the short 'micro' rip-brace on it, it's very good even for someone with long monkey arms like I have. The folding mechanism adds 1.3" to overall length, and has an accordingly-long adapter piece that extends the rear of the BCG that same amount; to bridge the added distance. That insert/adapter is right at 2.2 ounces, and I was concerned/curious about its impact (if any) on bolt speed and reliability. The fact that CMMG actually sells 'tuning' weights of 1, 2, and 3.5 ounces to add to the banshee's bolt carrier made me optimistic that the 2.2 ounces added by the Sylvan wouldn't hurt, and might actually help reduce felt recoil through reduced bolt speed. I've only shot it twice since adding the folder, maybe 200 rounds in all, but no problems; functioning with 115's and 147's was 100% and the mechanism locks up good & tight.

    I'd never heard of the Sylvan until a few weeks ago; almost every online review seems to be about the LAW Tactical folder, not the Sylvan. But with the LAW being stupid expensive and out of stock most places, I went with the Sylvan and am very happy with it.

    Makes for a very handy package. Not the equal of a real rifle, but substantially more capable than a normal pistol. Kind of an in-between thing, and so far I like it a lot. Doubt I'll keep the front sling swivel on it. I'm not normally a fan of single-point slings, but this gun seems like a good candidate for one, so I put a QD plate on it when I added the folder, and will likely go that route for sling use on this one. Also will likely relocate the light a rail or two further back from the muzzle. When I initially put it on, I was leaving room for back-up sights, but think I'm going to abandon that idea on this one. May not do buis at all, may do some 45-degree offset version, not sure yet how it will shake out in the long run, but decided to forgo backup sights at least for now.


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    Watched a video on the 10mm the other day and fell in love. They look so cool definitely in my future after I get my my next upper