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    A friend called this morning asking questions about pistols, what a great way to start off a Monday morning.

    She is looking at getting a carry pistol and has never seen a Glock :eek:. I told her to let me know when she wanted to go shooting and I would be happy to bring everything I own so she can look at and shoot different guns. The only thing she has shot so far is a Taurus .22 wheel gun and a .410 shot gun and felt they were a little lacking in the power department.

    She is really interested in getting her hands on a Glock to see what all the hype is about. So this Saturday we are going to go shooting with several of her family, most of them women, and all of them looking to get CCW permits.

    Life is good, now I have another reason to get my guns dirty.
  2. BORIS

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    This is what it is all about! I have introduced several new shooters to our ranks. Nothing feels better.

    Make sure you have plenty of ammo, a few extra people can go through alot of ammo real fast. 3 or more shooters can shoot a thousand rounds real fast. Offer them to bring their own ammo so they can shoot more. Not because you are cheap ( not that you are lol) but so they can shoot as much as they want to.

    Bring a 22 pistol if you have one to start them out on, and a few thousand rounds. I would use this as an excuse to upgrade targets. Maybe a dueling tree, them pass through swinging targets. My oldest bot destroyed one of them in a few weeks, and hey take a bunch of abuse. Now i want to go.....

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    Fantastic way to start off the day! I love that you are taking the time to discuss and show your friend the different options and I like that you are allowing them to safely shoot them to get a feel for what they will want when that time comes. I get excited to see more women with a desire to carry and support their 2nd amendment right, I wish more women would express interest in it as well because handguns and sport shooting are not just make oriented... Example: Team Glock top shooters are female, Randi Rogers and 15 year old sensation Tori Nonaka :)
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    my daughter is shooting now ke-tec and ruger 9mm . her and son in law got grand daughter 11 to shoot she has her ruger 10/22 they got a new 22 hp she said i get the first shot. her dad is reloading now and has her de-primimg and cleaning things . Im so happy he is doing daddy things with her and she loves it. got my wife a G19 for christmas may take her to pop off some rounds today if weather holds
  5. iGlock

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    Thats what me and my buddies do. We all bring our guns and anyone else who wants to come and shoot with us we have them pitch in for ammo.
  6. Happysniper1

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    With the exception of .22LR and 12-ga. when we go shooting all the ammo is supplied by me, and is reloaded. Heh-heh, I force them to help me police the brass when done. And strangely enough, while we are at 7-11 washing up ("range" is open desert) and getting sodas and such, they hand me some bills to help cover my ammo costs (and since they think in terms of factory ammo, it is usually more than my reloading costs!)

    Back to the OP, I think that it is fantastic that more women are getting into guns for self-defense (and eventually, hopefully, competition).

    My wife was for many years opposed to guns, treating my "hobby" with tolerance and/or barely concealed contempt. She would ride with us (family) to the range, and sit in the car reading a book while we shoot. And then one day the wife of a buddy of mine, good family friend for years, wanted to learn how to shoot to get her CCW, and I told the wifey, and she decided that she will try it.

    She (my wife) now has her CCW permit, carries 2 handguns on her. She is a nurse, and has convinced several of her co-nurses (all female) to come out shooting with us, for which my wife offers to me to cover all the reloading costs so she can shoot with her friends!:D My buddy's wife works at a bank and does not want other coworkers to know she is into guns.
  7. iGlock

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    Yea need to find someone who reloads, i dont have time nor money for the equipmet.

    Im also am trying to egar females to CC. My gf is going shooting with me and is even thinking of purchasing a handgun (keltec pf9). My mom also is leaning towards it, espically after her house was robbed. I told her before it always takes somethen to happen to someone before the agree on getting a firearm for protection.

    Why wait and take the risk of something happening (not saying that something will happen) when you can be trained and ready for it (incase it does happen).
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  8. Happysniper1

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    A good place to start accumulating all the gear for reloading is a press. I have seen presses worth hundreds of dollars being sold dirt cheap (like $25-50) at garage sales. Also check out fleamarkets. Most presses are pretty sturdy, so even if it looks beat up with missing paint or even rust, just check to make sure the ram goes up smoothly when you pull the lever down, ram head aligns with the threaded holes for dies, and the threads on the die holes are clean, and you can start with that. Even if you buy a brand new $500 reloading kit, you still need to buy the dies and other stuff.

    Just a thought...

    Another idea, if you are planning to be at the forefront of teaching and encouraging ladies to get into guns, beyond family and friends, you can look up an NRA Certified Training Counsellor in your area, and attend the class (and take the exam) to become an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. Goes a long way towards establishing credibility. You can take that a step further by contacting you local SO to get credentialed as a Certified Instructor by your Sheriff's Office.
  9. iGlock

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    Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the info. Im diffenitly going to look into those.
  10. Happysniper1

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    Hey, iGlock, just as a side note, I pulled the race card when I was getting my SO credentials the first time around: you need to justify why you want to become an instructor, and not all applications are approved. I said that with my ethnic background, I can communicate (in our native language) with other students with similar ethnicity and can therefore explain and elaborate the laws better and in a manner certain to be fully understood by the students.

    Just a thought....
  11. Levelcross

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    I like the idea of getting NRA Certified, not so much to make money at it but for the safety factor and being to teach others the right way. Our local CCW instructor is a Deputy Sheriff so I will contact him for the info needed, he might even be able to get me the info for the Glock Armorers course.

    Most of the women in the group are nurses and work odd shifts, leaving in the dark by themselves. So I told them that carrying was a good way to protect themselves, also told them that I know a great self defense instructor in Martial Arts.

    I rarely pass up the oppritunity to tell someone about my views on gun rights and ownership, training, practice, holsters and such. I feel that knowledge is key to being safe with firearms of any type, and talk is cheap around the dinner table with friends. The bonus for me is I get more shooting buddies, and they offered to pay for all of the ammo used or needed.
  12. triggerhappy

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    I'm an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. I became one to promote the sport and teach safety. I've been teaching a little over a year now and have NEVER charged my students a single cent. It's been a very "rewarding" career so far :)
  13. GAgal

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    Becoming an NRA instructor is on my list. I going to do the "refuse to be a victim" instructor training this summer. Hopefully by next year I will be good enough to do the pistol instructor training. I have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. ;-)
  14. Kmurray96

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    Like the way your brain works, Happy. Back in the mid-90's when I was the shift rep at East Jersey State Prison we had the Chief and one Capt that spoke (schooled) Spanish and one other Hispanic supervisor. Promoting from within was the way of the times back then, so a lot of it was the good ol' boy crap. We had some good Latino cops transfer out to make rank. We were in the beginning of the explosive growth of the Latin Kings and Nietas in the prisons at the time. I was always hammering away at "El Jefe" to get with the times.

    Finally, while we had Denzel Washington in filming a scene for "He's Got Game", a note got dropped that the Kings were going to hit the Chief.

    Denzel got bum rushed out and by the time he got back three months later we had Latino Sgt. and a Latino in I/A.

    We now have a good mix at the prison, and amazingly, the Latin gangs are no longer the big threat.

    The Bloods and the Crips on the other hand...
  15. iGlock

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    Thanks for tip. Apperciate it :)