Close, but no cigar

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by PettyOfficer, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. After reminding the Finance Committee (wife) that my birthday is in 3 weeks, I almost had her authorization to buy a new G17.

    Academy Sports had a Gen3 for $525.

    I thought about the GSSF option, which was $425 + $60 membership dues + $30-$50 FFL fee = $515-$535. So $525 isn't so bad.

    I got her to handle it and understand why I want it, she almost caved!

    I'm sad, but I don't really need one right now, but I'll get one by this summer: a few gun shows coming up and I'm looking to attend the Dec 1st GSSF shoot in San Antonio. So I suppose I'm in no hurry.

    However, my trigger finger isn't happy with me right now.

    With luck, perhaps I can find a G17 RTF2 at one of the shows.
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    Well...Happy Birthday in advance !!

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    ???Why!!! No Cigars ???
  4. I would still go the GSSF route. You'll get a second certificate for your second year. Also, check around at your Blue Label dealers. I've purchased 4 guns, 2 19's, a 23, and a 30 - all Gen4's, with the GSSF certificate and all were at the GSSF price out the door. However, that was in Delaware.
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    Happy birthday any way. You can always convince her later.
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    Happy Birthday man I hope it is a good one. Are you looking for new or used?
  7. Do you qualify to purchase a Blue Label Glock?
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    @ $525.00 it better be NIB.