Tennessee-based firearms reviewer and outdoorsman Hickok45 got his hands on one of the model G40s in 10mm and went to points unknown to partake in a rather clean and well-run hog hunt.


The long-slide G40 Gen 4 MOS pistol from Glock, debuted back in January at this year's SHOT Show, is chambered in 10mm, making it a beefier version of the G20 (which is puny already, right?) with a target-length barrel.

Ready to accept red dot sight systems like the Trijicon RMR, the 9.49-inch overall (due to its 6-inch barrel) pistol is a hogleg in its own right, tipping the scales at 40-ounces loaded with 15 rounds of 10mm Auto. The round is notoriously big medicine for woodland creatures and has long been a favorite of sportsmen, going back to the time of its introduction by Col. Jeff Cooper back in the 1980s.

Even Glock says in its sales lit on the G40 that, "It is designed to give the handgun hunter the ultimate choice in semi-automatic gaming pistol and has proven to be more than capable of taking down game such as Whitetail Deer, Russian Boar and even Feral Hogs."

And Hickok45 seems to put it to good use even with iron sights in the below steel plate hunt. (We believe no steel plates were injured in the making of this video). By the way, that Diamond D holster is so sweet...