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    What can use to clean my glock?
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    Welcome to the forum!

    There are a ton of opinions on this, but I use Ballistol.

    I use this video as reference for cleaning my Glock. Hickok knows his Glocks.

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Glock_22 !!

    Good video BTW,,,
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    Welcome to the forum!!!
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    I use CLP.... Good stuff !
  7. ash1012

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    +1 i use CLP as well
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    Welcome to the forum, I personally use frog lube on all my firearms. I have heard great stuff about ballistol as well
  9. odgreen

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    With a show of hands, who here oils the firing pin?
  10. ash1012

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    Maybe after every 1000 rounds
  11. 3L3C7R0

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    I've heard that it's a bad idea due to the fact that it could cause something to catch in the firing pin groove and causeit not to fire correctly. Keep that area as dry as possible. Less is more on a glock.
  12. Happysniper1

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    I lightly oil the firing pin, as well as the spring, and thoroughly wipe off all excess, because I clean with ultrasonics every time I shoot, and the cleaning process strips all lubricant coatings off.

    Never had a problem.
  13. MiguelAngel

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    When you do the ultrasonic. What solvent do you use HS1? Is that a full field strip cleaning...I there such a video on it?
  14. Happysniper1

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    Full detail strip.

    Tap water (2.5 gals in the ultrasonic cleaning tub, with one cap full of Hornady Gun Cleaning Solution), 8 minute cycle, move parts around, another 8 minute cycle, take everything out and rinse in hot tap water, blow-dry with compressed air, lube and reassemble. No scrubbing, no messy chemicals.

    Soon as I am done with another How-To for here, I will make a How-To on using ultrasonics for cleaning guns and spent casings.
  15. Stranger23

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    Sounds like we can really save a lot of time and manual labor using this cleaning method. Happysniper1, what brand do you use for the ultrasonic cleaning tub?
  16. Happysniper1

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    The subject of this thread is also discussed in another thread, "Cleaning and Lubricating" and can be found here:

    The cleaning methods I use are also described in another thread, "Ultrasonic Cleaner" and can be found here:

    I use two different ultrasonic cleaners, a Crest HG-570 (no longer in manufacture, replaced by newer model HG-575) and cost me about $700.

    The other one I use is from Harbor Freight, manufactured by Chicago Electric, and available for about $70 at . Lyman markets a product almost identical to the HF ultrasonic for something like $120 and is availablea t MidwayUSA at .

    The HG570 is the most efficient cleaner I have ever had, usually cleans anything (spent brass for reloading, or firearms) in a single cycle. The HF branded one requires multiple cycles, but it also gets the job done. The upside of the HF one is it has a smaller tub, so less discarded cleaning agent after each use. I do not often store used cleaning agent (BTW, I use Hornady Gun Cleaning solution and Hornady Brass Cleaning solution, depending on what I am cleaning). Anyway, I use the HG570 (I call it "The Monster") when I have a bunch of guns to clean (a service I offer locally only) or a ton of brass to clean.

    More details in both of those threads.

    Oh, and I never have to scrub gun parts or bores with anything afterwards. Just a careful lube-down and wipe of excess.