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  1. TxShooter

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    What is your process for cleaning your Glock?

    What products do you use?

    Do you clean after every shooting?
  2. I use CLP Breakfree as a cleaner and a lubricant and I usually dont clean my Glocks after each trip to the range.

    For specifics on cleaning Hickock 45 has a good U tube video.

  3. EvilD

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    Hoppe 9 about every 500-1000 rounds.
  4. G-23

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    I use the bore cleaning brush at the end of each shooting session or a bore snake.
    The brush works good too for cleaning off the underside of the slide, breech, and parts of the receiver as well.

    I wait for breaking down the wifes and my guns until around a thousand rounds. Then I'll field-strip them for a fast cleaning with Breakfree and follow the OME directions on replacing lube(oil only).

    At around three thousand rounds I breakdown the slide and strip the receiver for cleaning and replace the springs as needed.
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  5. havasu

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    Can someone please post a picture of the recommended oil points for a Glock? I'd like to print this picture and keep it handy on my workbench.
  6. G-23

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    There ya go! At each point use one drop of oil. For the slide rails place one drop on each and stand the slide up allowing the oil to run down while cleaning the other parts.
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  7. Steelharp

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    Clean a Glock?

    We need a "Humor" section. :D
  8. X2.........

    but when I do I only use M-PRO7 products.

    I strip and clean avg. twice a year, everything out and clean. I tend to keep a new GLOCK cleaner than the old ones, for the sake of watching wear petterns.

    sometimes I feild strip and do a "dry brushing"
    excess oil is the enemy with these guns.
  9. SpeedRock

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    Bore Cleaning & lube....

    Kroil has proven itself time & time again to be a superb bore cleaner ! Forget the "Aero" form, use the liquid !

    Only negative is the "Kerosene" odor but it's still managble.

    Switched to Brian Enos' "Slide Glide" for lube, nothing out there like it at all. Parts like the bbl. i.e., those that don't get contaminated by firing residue, etc. seldom require anything but a V. light touch-up.
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  11. VCMike

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    Has anyone used Frog Lube on there Glocks?
  12. that is a whole hell of alot of lube for a GLOCK (IMO).......

    GLOCKs only need a "film" of oil, anymore just collects dirt and debri.
    I apply oil than wipe it away with a Q-tip until there is just a little more than a film left.
  13. havasu

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    Yeah, that lube looked pretty thick and messy to me. A thin coat of oil would be less gunk to collect grime and dust IMHO.
  14. G-23

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    This YouTube Video shows the use of WAY TOO MUCH GREASE on a Glock.

    Just follow the OME User Guide on applying the oil and your Glock will last a lifetime.
  15. one of the better Glock cleaning videos I've seen. Actually like anything this guy puts out there.

  16. G-23

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    Actually he isn't too through. He never oiled the hood, lugs or most importantly the connector.

    I didn't turn on the sound so I can't speak for why he choose to use different solutions for cleaning the receiver and the slide but I can guess it is because of the different materials. Well, GLOCK is pretty clear, if it is made for cleaning a firearm you can use it.

    On otherthing I observed. Useing a old or new toothbrush is a good idea I think too. While brushing debris from the slide and extractor, hold the slide so that the debris falls away from the slide. Especially use the brush in the front area of the slide too to remove the carbon.

    I would just put a drop of oil on eitherside of the slide rails and stand the slide up so the oild can run the lenght of the channels while I finish the receiver. Just one drop of oil as per the diagram.
  17. havasu

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    I would just put a drop of oil on eitherside of the slide rails and stand the slide up so the oild can run the lenght of the channels while I finish the receiver. Just one drop of oil as per the diagram.

    This is how my department was trained when we initially changed over to the Glock.
  18. Lots of good tips here. Thanks for the added input.
  19. I clean my guns after every trip to the range then every 3-4 months.