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  1. I had an (retired) cop tell me that his department let their pistols soak in transmission fluid cleaner. They would take them out, shake off the excess, and let them dry. Sounds to good to be true to me. What is your opinions on this.:confused:
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    When I was at FLETC they had contractors clean our weapons for us each day. They would take them and place them into industrial sized ultrasonic cleaners for about 30 minutes. I have NEVER heard of transmission fluid cleaner, let alone using that to clean a Glock. I tell everyone to not use chemicals on the frame and only on the barrel and slide.

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    What is transmission fluid cleaner?
    Ain't no way I would or allow anyone else to soak my pistols in anything.
    Does Glock tell you to do this?
    Follow the insttuction manual that came with your Glock Pistol and you can't go wrong.
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    I would like to know what this transmission fluid cleaner is. I rebuild transmissions and varsol is what I use to clean the cases and parts. I'm not going to put that on my gun. I do use brake cleaner on the barrel.
  6. I've been using Ballistol for so long I've forgotten that there's any other cleaners/lubes on the market,LOL. I guess whatever floats your boat but I keep the car stuff for my cars and trucks, gun cleaner and lube is made for guns and that's what I'd rather stick with. Of course I've got a buddy that uses Mobil 1 5w30 to lube his guns with.
    We did use to use Brake Cleaner to cut the cosmoline off of the cheap SKS's we use to buy(remember those days) and it worked pretty well.
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    I use full syn transmission fluid to lube all my weapons. Auto trans get very hot, boiling hot, lubes my weapons well.
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    I use an ultrasonic cleaner on my guns. Works great. I bought my ultrasonic cleaner at Harbor Freight Tools. Not a bad deal and pretty cheap. If mine wears out I'll buy a better one. The ultrasonic cleaner removes all the oil, etc. from your weapon. Make sure you lube the weapon in whatever way you choose and with whatever choice of lubricant you choose as well.
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    I do the same and after cleaning it I use 6 drops of Hoppes #9 gun oil. 6 very tiny drops.
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    I am intrigued with this. Can you do the whole Glock in here or just the barrel/slide etc?
  12. To continue this line of thought... I'm also interested in cleaning the lower, and what about magazines?

    What kind of fluid does the ultrasonic bath use? Do you just drop in the entire slide or do you disassemble it completely first?
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    Transmission fluid cleaner? I'll have to give that a try.

    I like to nuke my 21SF in the microwave for 5 minutes on high -- field-stripped, of course. Then I use a little PAM cooking spray on the slide and trigger assembly. The barrel marinates in extra-virgin olive oil with minced garlic and thyme. (You can use any herb; I just like the fragrance of thyme and burnt powder when I fire hot loads. The garlic helps against vampires and zombies. Really.)

    Oh and I throw my ammo and magazines into a zipped mesh bag and in with my laundry. Keeps my mag changes lemony fresh.

    Lastly and most importantly, when all is said and done, I displace tongue that was firmly planted in cheek. ;)
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    The cleaning kit that came with your glock, a rag and gun solvent should do the trick not sure why a glock would need to be soaked..
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    I'm sure your friend meant Auto trans fluid as the cleaner. It is a great solvent and lube and it is the primary ingredient in Ed's red bore cleaner. (Google the recipe for Ed’s red, the stuff is great.) However I'm not sure I would soak the receiver of my Glock in it as it just doesn't need that level of cleaning or lube down there. A little denatured alcohol and a tooth brush will clean the heck out of the lower, and the upper for that matter. ATF works great on firearms but it is over engineered for that purpose. There isn’t a lot going on in a firearm that compares with an auto tranny yanking a boat up a mountain on a 100 degree day. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, most so called gun lubes are mineral oil based with no magic ingredients to be found. Most cleaners are a mixture of commonly found solvents with some stink’em added to smell good. Most packaged in an easy to use bottle with a catchy name and inflated price.

    Sorry you got picked apart and corrected when all you were looking for was a little info. I’m new here and I have notice others get “expert smacked” while simply looking for help. Just let it roll as the majority of members here are very helpful and courteous. Shoot safe!
  18. I just wonder what kind of ammo someone would shoot that would get their gun so dirty that they'd need to soak it??:confused:
    I use Unique in my cast bullet handloads and even shooting 100+ rounds I can clean up the frame and mag well with a bit of brushing and by running a cloth through it. Some Ballistol on the bore brush gets the lead out then a couple patches and I'm "good to go".
    I do remember when I worked at Caswell's Shooting Range in Mesa, AZ that we got some stuff in called "Dunk It" to clean the range guns with, not sure what was in it but I really didn't see any advantage over just standard cleaning methods.
    Still, if it works for you great, I'm sticking with my Ballistol. :D