Cleaner/getting rid of scratches?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by 40calGlock22, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Hey guys,
    Forgive me if this post is in the wrong thread or if its been discussed, Im a noobie lol
    Well, My Glock 22 has obtained multiple scratches on the slide due to my hard-plastic blackhawk holister. My slide is grey, unlike most black slides on the glocks, so it shows the scratches quite well unfortunetly :( Im afraid the damage is done, considering the slide is made out of extremely tough steel. I was wondering if anyone knew of a cleaner or a technique that can get rid of these scratches? I dont want to paint it really, and the slides are expensive as heck!! If anyone has advice on how to get rid of these scratches without furthering any damage to my gun, that would be great! Any/all comments are appreciated! Thanks :)
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    I had multiple scratches, scuffs, blemishes marks and my weapons go through some ungodly tests as do a lot of others on this forum and speaking from my experience the only thing that seems to work is cleaning them religiously some elbow grease remoil and tlc goes a long way!

  3. 40calGlock22

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    lol well I clean it quite a bit.. im not really looking for a long-term idea hear.. Im asking if theres a certian way or cleaner that will get the scratches/marks off.. because normal cleaners arent really doing the job lol
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    If they are abrasions, and not actual scratches (which is fairly hard to do) then maybe some neverdull can help. If rougher stuff is needed, maybe some 000 or 0000 steel wool and denatured alcohol?
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    have you tried a little gun oil (like Rem oil) on a rag and wipe down the slide? The oil will slightly darken the slide, hiding some of the scratches.

    Is your slide Nickel or has it been Dura/Cera coated? That's a different animal in terms of scratches.

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    Try posting some photos. It'd be easier to look at it and see what we're talking about. Preferably not shoddy out of focus camera phone stuff lol!
  7. Sebbie

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    Polymer technology

    I have a model 27, 31, and also now a huge model 20 I inherited. To keep my slides pretty I use a high tech auto wax that has a hydrophobic polymer technology to protect the looks. The idea is to give the surface a little lube to keep it from scratching. The refractive layer of this stuff makes the slide look like liquid black or what ever your color slide is. It doesn't seem slipery to my hands. My Serpa holster leaves no tracks on the slide even in this New Mexico sand.