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The "Classifieds" section is primarily for the sale of personally owned items. This section is not for the sale of items by a commercial entity, no matter the size or the maturity of such a venture. Registered vendors/sponsors may sell their wares, but only within the designated vendor/sponsor section.

The use of the Classified Section is "at your own risk." The Forum will not be held liable for failed or disputed transactions, and Forum staff will not argue on a member's behalf.

These rules apply to all members participating in the Classified threads. In addition to these specific classified rules, all of the other Forum Rules still apply. Threads or posts not meeting the rules may be closed or deleted at the discretion of Forum Staff.

Gun sales and parts are only allowed between members who reside in the same country. No international sales are allowed on this Forum.

All members are responsible for conducting sales/purchases that are allowed by local law.

1) When placing an ad, fill out your location in your profile or place it in the ad. Include City/State. If you are not comfortable listing your city, list a region within your state that a reader could figure out the general area you live. Simply listing the State is not sufficient.

2) Include in the title: WTS (Want to Sell), WTB (Want to Buy), or WTT (Want to Trade).

3) Write a detailed description of the item(s). Photograph(s) of said items must also be included. Photographs must also be posted with an item that is being offered "for trade."

4) A "for sale" ad must include a price. If you are unsure of the value, or are willing to accept offers, place OBO (or best offer) next to the price.

5) Post your item(s) in the appropriate thread. Cross-posting between multiple categories is not allowed. Do not post links to ads on another site.

6) No more than three (3) open classified ads are allowed at any time for a member. Multiple ads may be posted, and ads can contain multiple items, but none of the ads may contain items from another posted ad.

7) Posts linking to outside auctions are not allowed (Gunbroker, Ebay, etc.). Links directing to other commercial sites are also not allowed.

8) Reselling of multiple items that are listed as "New in Package" (NIP) or similar, for the purpose of making a profit without a Vendor membership, is not allowed.

9) Sellers are expected to keep their threads up to date, and the thread should be checked often. Sellers should update their thread when an item is sold. The most efficient way to do this is by using the "report post" icon in the original post (OP). Forum staff will receive a message about the thread and can close it accordingly.

10) Items that are being sold should be somewhat related to the shooting sports or related subjects within the classified threads. The classifieds are for the selling of firearm related items or something tangentially related to subject matter within the Forum.

This is not Craigslist, so it's not a place to list general items such as toys, household goods, car parts, etc.

Illegal or (perceived) immoral items are not allowed.

Keep all listings related to the general "tone" of the Forum.

11) Any arguing over price, or comments about price (thread trolling) is not allowed. Members engaging in such practice may be subject to being banned.

12) A thread may only be bumped by the OP (original poster) every 24 hours.

12) The Classifieds are not for discussion. If there is a valid question, that is allowed. Superfluous discussion, not related to the sale, will be deleted.
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