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Class suggestions in Kansas

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Hey Guys,

Been looking for courses and schooling for basic on up for handguns here in Kansas. Live in Salina and have not had real good luck finding NRA or any other classes close by. Any one have any recommendations for this area???

Thanks in advance for any and all info!!!


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BTW...can't help ya with training in Kansas...sorry !!
Thanks Shooter!!!! Yea, just figured surely someone had a little knowledge of the area. So far all I can ifnd is close to 200 miles away. Looking for something good a little closer.
I live in Hutchinson, and the only thing I have seen is at "The Bullet Stop" in Wichita. They have a variety of classes I seen listed the last time I went over to shoot. It is also the only place I have seen GSSF matches at.
Thanks G17, much appreciated!!!! Might give me a great reason to spend some time down there with my kid too!!!!!
No problem, if ya go to any let us know how they were! I might be interested in checking some out. I really want to do GSSF!
I know my facility is a bit far away (6 hours from you) but if you check on some prices, you might just find it's worth the drive and a stay in a hotel to come my way for some of the NRA courses.
Thanks Armed,

If I make it out that way I will try to look ya'll up!!!

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