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  1. Question for you guys about Class III purchases.... What exactly would I have to do to get a Class III? I would love to buy a firearm with a "happy switch"... Just wondering what the process and the fees are? Also, do you have to pay extra fees every time you buy a Class III firearm or is it only when you apply for the license? Thanks guys!


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    Are you looking at buying for yourself or dealing in class three weapons?

    If you are simply getting it yourself then you just have to get a tax stamp for it, $200 per firearm.

    If you want to deal in them then you need a class three special occupation tax in addition to an FFL, $500 per year + $200 FFL.

  3. Just buying for myself, and is it the same nationwide? and is it just a few forms and a long wait or what?
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    Depends on your state. Some states, like mine (WA), don't allow them to be owned by citizens.

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    What state you in Bryan? Here in AZ, must be 21, fill out the forms, background check, fingerprints, signed by the sherrif, turned in and wait... From what I hear it takes 6-8 months...
  6. Well, IL thats the other part.. I dont even know if I could own one.... but I AM planning on moving to phoenix next year...

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    I do not believe Illinois allows class three weapons, but here in Phoenix it's encouraged!
  8. hmm, I may need to make that move faster lol

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    Look forward to seeing ya, we have a BBQ in september...
  10. dude... you will be my best friend when I head out there... I wont know anyone but my brother and my sister in law
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    No full auto, short barrel rifle/shotgun, or suppressors for Illinois, only NFA allowed here are some AOWs.

    You can get around it by becoming a Class III dealer or manufacturer in Illinois, but you'll never get approved for those licenses in Cook County.

    Good luck on the move to AZ
  12. Im actually not in cook county (THANK GOD!!) Im out in Dupage county
  13. Also, what about silencers?
  14. Like, out in AZ is it still $200 per silencer you want or how does it work for those?

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    Yep. Cost of suppressor plus $200 tax stamp and waiting period...
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    Create a trust and avoid the sheriff. The trust can be transferred to a family member or designated individual and multiple silencers can be added to the initial trust, each require the $200 stamp. This is the case in NC.
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    Illinois doesn't all CC nor Class 111 for that matter. Illinois is the only state that doesn't issue, or recognize cc. Even transportation is a hassle in Illinois. I live not for from there here in KY, and I've been warned twice while just passing through with a cc license.
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    A trust will bypass local LE.
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    Go the trust route. It's cheaper in the long run and much easier. I have a trust with my father-in-law, wife, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law all includeded in it. We have all our Class III items in the trust.