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  1. How many here besides me conceal carries in church?
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    Me Willow Grove, PA!!

  3. That's awesome. I always thought church was the best place to carry. Most "crooks" would go where there is a big crowd for more hostages. At least that is what I always told myself so I go prepared

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    My church is a CC only church… they will not let you open carry on property, but CC is just fine.
  5. I never saw anything posted that said we couldn't open carry.. I have seen a church member open carry before
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    There are some jurisdictions that specify carry in churches and/or on church property as not legal. Church in this case meaning any place of religious worship.

    It is vital to personally know the laws in your own jurisdiction, as these vary from state to state and even city to city within a state.

    All just part of becoming a well-informed armed citizen.

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    Adding to this thread. The laws in Michigan are different. And of course, I'm no lawyer! Haha. Michigan is a very open carry friendly state. Now that that's out of the way... In Michigan any body can open carry as long as the firearm that your carrying is legally yours. If you can CCW then your rights go up. You can let another CCW holder borrow your firearm and vice versa. On church property you cannot conceal carry at all. Period. If you don't have a CCW, you cannot open carry. If you do have a CCW you can ONLY open carry. Unless if your a LEO, active or retired obviously this doesn't apply. On open carrying, not everyone of course likes to "see" firearms. You could still be possibly asked to leave. Unless you have permission from your pastor you can conceal.
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    If I went to church I'd carry.
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    I would totally carry if my state made it legal (somehow that bill didn't make it through the mill while the state legislature was meeting this time).
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    I'm the pastor, and I carry even in the pulpit. I am also comforted to know that there are several other concerned individuals who carry.
  11. I always carry in church. In fact, I carry almost everywhere.
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    I carry in my church. Every sunday morning unless im working.
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    I carry everywhere I go. Even to church, bank, post office, sporting events, everywhere.
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    As the Shepard of your flock in these troubled times, I highly respect your decision to carry on the pulpit.

    I believe more pastors should do the same. That being said, I also believe it would be respectful of the members of this forum to ask their pastors for their opinion first.

    If I was a pastor, I would welcome sidearms in my church, if concealed. I also think, I might react badly to a stranger that has a inadvertent display.

    Weapons would have to be concealed so as not to distract from the reason we're all there to start with. No?

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    That is the idea, not to distract and because everyone has differing opinions and what not, we want a welcoming environment. CC only, in fact I am sitting at church right now. Left my G22 in the truck though, as I am only 18 and can't CC yet.
  16. That's a shame. You can CC at 18 in Missouri (via loophole).

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    What loophole?
  18. In Missouri, one can carry on a permit from any state regardless of one's state of residence. Also, one can legally purchase a handgun from an individual (private purchase) at the age of 18. Maine offers non-resident permits to those that are 18. Therefore, an 18 year old that is in good standing with the law in Missouri, can purchase a handgun from an individual and carry it on a non-resident Maine permit. I've had many students in my CCW classes that have used this process to carry until they are 21 and can obtain a Missouri permit.

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    Maine gives permits to 18year olds?

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    Just looked it up… AZ recognizes Maine's permits. I am going to apply for a non-resident permit as soon as possible. My prayers have been answered!!!!!!!! Sweet God Almighty a loophole that works. (I will do some extensive research and interviews to make sure but so far this looks legit!)