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Chrome Pin Kits.

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Hey guys. Brand new to this forum. I will be ordering a new G23 gen 4 this week as my first gun! Eventually going to get my CCW with it hopefully this summer.

As you probably know, since this is my first gun, I've been researching to the point of exhaustion online. One thing I have been looking at getting along with it are the 4 piece Chrome pin/slide release/slide stop kits available on Glock Store, etc..

My question to you guys is: Are these kits, while being purely aesthetic, susceptible to breakage or wear more than the factory pins? The main reason I wanted these is because they look great, and they also come with an extended slide stop.

Thanks in advance to anyone who posts. I really appreciate any advice you guys have!
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Welcome to the Glock Forum DrumsnGuns !!

Congrats in advance on the new Gen 4 G23...
A word of advice on upgrades to your guns.

Keep in mind that if you ever have to use your gun for self defense; a cop, prosecutor, other lawyers, maybe even a judge and jury might see your firearm and make a judgement about you based on this.

The "perp/victims lawyer" will show the jury a giant photo of a zombie on your gun, or other gun you own. They might show a slide show of your collection with "smile, wait for flash" on the end of your barrel. They might take your computer and show your forum posts, or your magazine subscriptions to gun magazines. They might talk about how you wanted to kill someone so badly that you lightened your trigger and put a laser sighting system on your gun.

I not saying any of this is right or wrong. I am saying that some things give a sleazy lawyer enough rope to hang you.

The anti gun folks would love to use it to paint us all as vigilantes just waiting for a reason.

Night sights. That is my only upgrade. That is so I can be more sure of my aim so I hit the bad guy who is threatening a life.

Not being preachy, this is just my opinion. I think some upgrades really do set a gun apart amaze it look nice. I just hate to see anyone run through the system by a spin doctor, when you were stopping a bad guy.
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Cmiddleton. Thank you very much for your advice. I have taken into consideration the idea that "customizing" and/or "modding" any factory gun used for self defense can be taken to the extreme in a legal setting.

Just to clarify, I will NOT be putting anything such as "ironic" or "humorous" lettering, slogans, stickers, or any such childish thing on my glock. It will be respected as a defensive weapon.

What I would like to do however is change out certain parts to similar ones with different coloring, and not modify the original and exisiting pieces. This is more of an aesthetic thing, with no disrespectful message or sarcasm implied, merely owner's preference. As far as I see it, makes it no deadlier in any combat situation than any other factory Glock.

Thank you again. I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my thread.
Oh, and I do plan on picking up some night sights as well. Those will actually be the first thing installed on the gun. :)
Hi. Night sights are awesome. Someone once gave me a statistic about how many shootings are in low light.

Please know, that last post was not directed specifically at you. I did a poor job with grammar, specifically using the word, "you".

It was just a generalization. I know that the type of person who commits to the responsibility of carrying a firearm is a noble and righteous person. I would just hate to see them to be made into something they are not.

I do appreciate your cool head and not taking offense. So many gun boards have been a turn off because of bickering, put downs, etc. I hope this one stays enjoyable.
No offense taken. :)

I'm not one to jump to conclusions based on particular wording, and I did not mean to imply that you assumed wrongly about my intentions either. Just wanted to clarify.

I'm always appreciative when someone can give solid advice. You voiced a concern that also pertains to my view of how to treat defense/CC weapons. The modifications that I do to my carry gun will be very minimal.

I must also thank you for actual advice! I've been around other forums as well and the tips I've heard were amateur at best and I'm glad someone here is passing that kind of information around. We need more people aware of things like that!
Can I jump in this for a sec? First off as much as I love a glock I have never been happy until I have night sights in the weapon. As far as the rest goes this is strictly my opinion but a glock is beautiful the way it is with its no frills approach . It is a tool and nothing more than a damn good one .

Buy your glock 23 and use if for edc . Then later on buy a 1911 and customize it till kingdom come. They are beautiful guns and look great tricked out . A glock speaks for itself and when I see one all black and no mods it says "business time "

Now I will get off my soap box. Welcome to the forums :)
Thanks for replying tnmoondog.

I agree that Glocks look perfectly fine they way they are. I think it's just that I like shiny things in general. The first gun I was looking at was actually a 1911, pretty as they are. The more I think about it, the less I want to spend the extra money to "bling" a glock out, because I plan on carrying it. cmiddleton also suggested adding nothing but night sights due to possible legal issues.

Thanks to both of you guys for your suggestions. I will probably end up saving my money for more practical things. :)
I have factory night sights an love them. Either way you will love your glock no matter what. 1911s are great guns. They served us well for many years. They can be made to look beautiful and i think everyone should own one at some point as they are so much fun to strip down customize and shoot. But I do agree about the legal issues. Don't give a sleaze bag lawyer any "ammo" against you
Welcome, DrumsnGuns!

Cmiddleton has a very valid point. That if you (or any responsible gun owner) had to shoot to protect themselves and/or family, that there will always be some sleazy attorney willing to help the bad guy get off the hook, and if it means smearing the reputation of a decent, law-abiding citizen, they would willingly do so for the right price. However, consider if there is case law in your jurisdiction: has this happened in your locale before? Liars, uh, I meant Lawyers :)D) rely on a foundation of case precedent. If a certain incident/law/rule was used successfully before, it will most likely be used again. Lawyers are often (not always) afraid to go where no lawyer has been before, so if there is no case precedent in your jurisdiction, this may help you, but is no guarantee. There is none of this in Nevada.

But then again under NV law, NRS 41.095 defines that the person using deadly force against an intruder in the home is assumed to have a reasonable fear of death or injury, and goes on to say "...An action to recover damages for personal injuries to or the wrongful death of the person who committed the burglary or invasion of the home may not be maintained against the person who used such force..." Also, NRS 200.120 and NRS 200.180 define (respectively) justifiable homicide and excusable homicide by misadventure, and NRS 200.160 gives additional instances of justifiable homicide. The quoted provision of NRS 41.095 has been invoked before to protect a CCW permittee who shot and killed one armed attacker and injured another while not in the home, when he the shooter was sued for wrongful death. Case precedent works in our favor here.

Additionally, NRS 200.190 declares that Justifiable Homicide or Excusable Homicide is NOT punishable, and says "The homicide appearing to be justifiable or excusable, the person indicted shall, upon his trial, be fully acquitted and discharged." I love my State!

I have 2 Glocks, and carry mostly the G26 but sometimes the G30 when the mood strikes. I will modify my EDC by adding an extended slide stop, extended magazine release and extended slide release, because these do not affect how the gun FIRES and because I have small hands. I may also do chrome pin upgrades for the bling :)p) and accept that I may be criticized for it in court if (God forbid) I should ever have to shoot someone. I have already put mag extensions to give me a pinky rest (both the babies are subcompacts) as well as to add +2 to magazine capacity. For the G26 I am currently waiting on extended magazine sleeves to put onto hicap G17 magazines I just bought, which will also get +2 mag extensions (bringing total mag capacity to 19 rounds of 9mm). Oh, for better or for worse, I have already installed a 3.5# connector in the G26. I have exceptionally light-sensitive eyes and do exceedingly well with the stock sights, and muzzle blast from the babies does not bother me since I make my own ammo and can tailor it to reduce the amount of wasted (unburned) gunpowder, which is what causes most of the glare from muzzle blast.

(The only time I have ever had problems with vision after shooting in the dark was with a tactical Mini-14 that I won at a Friends of NRA dinner...there was so much unburned Varget powder that the blast blinded me for about 2 minutes. If it is legal, and if you haven't done so, I recommend test-firing your EDC in the dark, just to see what kind of flash you get and what kind of afterimage it will leave, and to see if your nightsights are can be effective after the first shot. I also advocate firing at least one round with no hearing protection on, just to get a feel for the ringing of the ears after the report.)

Oh, and I reload my own defensive ammo. Many have said this is a no-no, but I do it anyway, because I can. ;)

I will eventually buy another G26, which I intend to trick out as much as want, from Fulcrum trigger kit (or similar) on up to duracoating or hydrographic transfer and optics and use this for competitions and/or just plain plinking.

Long-winded, but I hope worth it. Shoot safe!
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Thanks for the insight! I also get a little carried away when I'm talking about something I'm really into. It's always nice to read something when you know the author is passionate about the subject.

Thanks for the reply. :)
Welcome man, and I doubt the chrome pins will affect usability of the gun at all. I like your name, I play drums and shoot guns as well!
Hey, thanks! Yeah, I've been playing drums for around 7 years. That, and recreational shooting. My two favorite hobbies!
I am so glad this forum is so active! This is now the most used app on my iPhone :)
tnmoondog said:
I am so glad this forum is so active! This is now the most used app on my iPhone :)
App is on my main front page of my phone :)
Keeps me checking my phone every few minutes!
Trick ur gun out as u pls. Carry ur gun lawfully. Join the NRA. Get yourself a sleazy lawyer and a jury of peers and take ur chances.


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quite honestly, it doesnt matter what you have on your gun... if yo uare in a legal situation and the legal team is trying to pin something on you, they will, end of story.... do whatever upgrades you want that make you feel comfortable and what looks best to you. For me, these are the upgrades to do right away- night sights, extended slide catch, extended slide release, extended mag release, titanium recoil assembly, and a 3.5lb trigger pull, but do what you wish, dont let all these people scare you about legal implications
Thanks for replying guys.

This being my first Glock, (actually the first gun I've ever personally owned) I have a huge aching to customize the crap out of it to make it MINE.

However I also have the same urge to hold back on doing anything extreme due to it being my first gun, and I have no experience modding any gun whatsoever.

I don't want my first purchase to turn into a Frankengun that's useless for it's main purpose: Home defense/Conceal and carry. I plan on adding to my collection in the future, hopefully with something I can spend time messing/practicing with and not worry too much about relying on it with my life.
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