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    Even waiting a week on background to be completed is this normal I have a clean record???
  2. I don't know where you are from. I'm from Kentucky and I've always walked in got what I wanted and walked out with it the same day. Even with my ccw permit they make a call while you are filling out the paperwork. So unless you don't have a ccw permit I can't say if it's normal or not. I've bought 3-4 guns in the last 6 months with no troubles or had any waiting period. Sounds fishy to me though.

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    Yes...please post your location when asking a question

    that varies from state to state...especially when it involves legal issues.

    ( You can modify your details under the user control panel

    and have it show under your name and avatar )

    Here in Pennsylvania...a week wait is average considering how many

    people are deciding to get a LTCF ( License To Carry Firearm ) as it is called here.

    I waited a week just because of the paperwork... as I carried a TS for Uncle Sam.
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    Also, there are numerous sub forums...

    please try to post your questions / comments in the relevant category

    Thank you...

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