Chinese police to help patrol Paris streets

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  1. AFP News –
    Chinese police will help patrol tourist destinations in Paris this summer after a rise in muggings and attacks on Chinese tourists, a source in France's interior ministry said Tuesday.

    More than one million Chinese visitors come to France every year and there have been concerns over a number of muggings and attacks against them.

    In March last year, a group of 23 Chinese visitors were robbed in a restaurant shortly after they landed at Paris's Charles De Gaulle airport.

    The ministry source said the Chinese police would help their French counterparts in Paris tourist spots but declined to give numbers.

    The number of Chinese visitors to France is expected to be given a boost this year because of events linked to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Paris and Beijing.

    Coming soon to a city near you?
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    no power of arrest.
    These will serve as consultants in dealing with the massive influx of tourist who don't speak any French and for the French, who don't speak any Chinese.

    Some more perspective/background before people go "OMG, Chinese police!!!".

    Believe it or not, at any given time, there are just as many or MORE US LEO in other countries and other country's LEO's operating here in the US as consultants.

    Nothing to cry "the sky is falling" about. ;)


  3. Heard the other day that the Chinese are training monkeys to guard some military bases. Maybe there's a manpower shortage - all the help is in Paris lol
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    Never thought I'd hear "manpower shortage" and "China" used in the same sentence. ;)
  5. Manpower shortage + China = oxymoron

    The monkeys were being trained to keep birds away from runways.
  6. Wonder if they get medical and retirement benefits :) ;)
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    yeah... they get thrown in a pot for monkey stew....