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    Eventually the gun control laws in Chicago will start to improve this, worry not. It is only a coincidence that the most corrupt city in the US, with the most restrictive gun rights in the US, also is among the highest murder rates. I just hope politicians in Chicago don't start seeking higher office.

  2. That's why when I am at home I am fully loaded. If we put these Chicago politicians in a fight for their lives and their family lives, and there was no way for anyone else to help them, I bet they will start looking at the guns laws a little bit different.

    Until then, be careful what situations you might get yourself into and know your surroundings Illinois people. :cool:

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    I'm kind of surprised Chicago is so far ahead in murders this year compared to St Louis. Last Year St Louis greater metro made #3 most dangerous cty in the world only behind Bogota and Ciudad Juárez.
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    Chicago sucks period.
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    I agree! They are very rude and have no respect or professionalism in their law enforcement positions!
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    They play to many games in Chicago. Feds need to step in on this corrupted part of the state.
  7. They play to many games in Chicago. Feds need to step in on this corrupted part of the state.[/QUOTE]

    By "Feds", you mean Holder and company? Going into Rahm Emamuel's city and dealing with the corruption? Will never happen while Dems are in the White House.
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    I thought it is the voters who control who it is in office. Why wait and hope for the Feds to step in - vote them out!
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    It's Chicago. Mindless masses believe the BS the politicians sell them. They listen to Jesse Jackson telling them guns are the reason gangs torment the community. Dead people vote. Political machine promises everything for free. Gun issues are at the bottom of the list for political hacks except the gun grabbers. Oh yeah remember Obama. He was elected President of the U.S.


    Good luck!