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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by deadlift560, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. deadlift560

    deadlift560 New Member

    How many chew? I'm debating to start to take the "edge" off during the day, since I can't drink 24/7. Just looking to get tips for the beginner. Prob gonna be looking towards snus. But my buddy gave me half a can of mint skoal
  2. TheKraken

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    Dude, don't start chewing if you haven't already. I chewed redman and dipped skole and copenhagen snuff for years. It took me years of trying but finally was able quit. Believe me, my body, face and mouth are so much better for it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not preaching. Just giving my opinion and life experience.

  3. sgtcowboyusmc

    sgtcowboyusmc New Member

    Dipped for about 37 yrs!:eek: but yeah Lee is Right if you ain't started by now don't do it!
  4. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    Man, if I had all the money back I've spent on tobacco since I was 20.... Call it $5.00 a day X 365 = $1825 a year X 38 years = $69,350.

    That's a lot of Glocks
  5. mauro3005

    mauro3005 New Member

    Yea don't start any habits that will jeopardize your health. Find more "sane" ways to deal with life's problems. For example working out, going to church, picking up a hobby or sport. There's many good ways to relax the mind without harming your body and giving yourself bigger problems than you already have!
  6. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    I concour!! I didn't chew but I was a 30 year hard core smoker, anything you can do to not start ... DO IT!!!!! Tobacco is THE MOST addictive thing ever. I really thought I would die a smoker I was so badly addicted. But by the grace of God I am 8 years a nonsmoker and will be forever!!
  7. bigben

    bigben Member

    It takes a toll on the body. Just look at Dutchs' avatar. Lol. Just kiddin with ya Dutchs.
    But seriously. I've been smoking/dipping since I was 12. I'm 22 now. I've made a lot of bad decisions in my short years on this earth and that is by far the worst one I have ever made!!!! Please bro, don't do it. You will regret it later on!!!
  8. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    I think I held up good for 340 yrs.!!:D
  9. bigben

    bigben Member

    Lol!!! Crackin me up!!!
  10. Hurricane460

    Hurricane460 Glock Doc..

    I have been cigarette free since October of last year and dip/chew free for almost 5 years. Dont start. Take that money you would spend on tobacco save it and buy Glock stuff or even a new gun. Just my.02....
  11. Donn

    Donn Active Member

    What Lee said. If you haven't started, don't. Used Skoal & Red Man for 20 years. It was tough to quit, but I've never been sorry, health and money wise.
  12. ash1012

    ash1012 New Member

    I have been dipping for about 5 years and wish I had never started. If you something to take the edge off go to the range and sling some lead
  13. noob

    noob Noob the forum boob

    I agree with everyone else. I have used skoal cherry long cut for about 10 years now it helps with the edge, but, my teeth are all messed up and it's just not worth it. There are other things in life that would be healthier than snuff. The snus are just as bad as long cut which is just as bad as chewing the leafs. Don't do it brother you will thank us 10 years from now
  14. deadlift560

    deadlift560 New Member

    I tried real hard not to. Just helped take a ljttle edge off. It's just the place i work that I hate. My home life is amazing. Just need to cut back drinking to make my job life better lol. Plus I work 2nd shift and it's so hard at the end of the night to unwind to go to bed.
  15. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Drink a glass of wine!! NO TOBACCO!!! PLEASE!!
  16. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    don't do it.

    I've smoked and chewed, back and forth between the 2 for a little over 20 years. I quit smoking for 6 years, and started up again several months ago in an attempt to get off of the chew. Now I'm smoking and chewing again......terrible cycle of slow death.

    don't do it
  17. sigpi11

    sigpi11 New Member


    This guy has something to say. Not sure you will understand since he has no lower jaw!
  18. sgtglock

    sgtglock New Member

    Started dipping snuff when I was 13; 40 years ago. Do the math ! I've tried to quit more times than you can count. Do not start. Let me repeat so you hear me. DO NOT START!!! i dont care what you do, play with yourself, whatever, but JUST DONT DO IT!!! cant make it any plainer than that.
  19. shaythorn01

    shaythorn01 UGA34

    Copenhagen + 20 years = 3 bone graft surgeries on my upper & lower jaw to address bone loss caused by tobacco usage.
    Irony is that I had quit for several years before I found out that I even needed surgery.
    I've been tobacco free for about 8 years now but the smell of Copenhagen still makes me crave it. Steer clear my friend.
  20. deadlift560

    deadlift560 New Member

    I tried guys. Just didn't work out. Please don't all attack me lol.