Check out these firearm inspired soaps

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by ghoule319, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. ghoule319

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  2. Danzig

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    Dillinger woulda been proud! A97C302C-7945-48DE-A758-FFCA8E287165.jpeg 0AEA3D62-8989-48DF-859E-688EC524D4A8.jpeg
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  3. ghoule319

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    man this Hoppe's bar of soap really smells like a bottle of hoppes it's almost scary!!!! not going to lie.
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  4. John in AR

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    My son bought me a bottle of Bourbon-scented handwash.

    My first thought was "When am I supposed to use Bourbon-scented soap? Before I go see a customer, before I go to choir practice, or when exactly..?" :D

    When it came it, it actually smells like vanilla extract and robitussin. I'm going to leave it in the guest bathroom...
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