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  1. matthew1201

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    Looking into buying my first handgun and I'm thinking i can't go wrong with a glock, but where can you find the lowest price for a gen4 G19 on the web (new or used)? It seems everyone sells a gen4 G19 for $550 after tax and shipping, is that the lowest price for a new one on the net? The used gen4 G19's I find on the net aren't that much cheaper.

    Would a gun show or a local gun shop have better prices then buying online?

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  2. Grabber GT

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    If you ever need service you may wish you bought it from your local gun shop. Besides, by the time you pay transfer fee and taxes it won't be any cheaper. Compare...

  3. dutchs

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    Welcome matthew1201, Enjoy the forum!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum !!
  5. SeventiesWreckers

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    Welcome to the Forum matthew1201.

    I always go to my local gun store & just tell them what I'm up to. Most of the time he'll come down some on guns he has in stock, and by the time I pay the Shipping & Handling, Insurance, credit card fee, etc... His price is usually cheaper. Then, if I ever find a smokin' deal on something he doesn't stock, and I have it shipped to him, he kinda forgets to charge the tax thing. He also does minor gunsmithing for free, like sights, mag releases, etc. Of course it's up to me to cultivate that kind of relationship.
  6. GAgal

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    Welcome to the Forum! I also vote for the local gun stores. You usually get much better prices and service from them. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  7. sgtcowboyusmc

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    If you go on this site you can find out from the comfort of your home or office just how much it will cost and it is Buying from your LGS!

    I have bought 2 or 3 guns this way. I mostly buy used at distressed prices! But lately it has been harder to find deals!
  8. matthew1201

    matthew1201 New Member

    I've looked there and maybe it's just in my area but they don't have any gen4 G19's in stock. Do you happen to know how often they update there stock?

  9. iRockGlock

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    If you're in Phoenix, Az.
    Check out Arizona firearms collectibles and Pawn.
    They have used LE trade in Glocks for $380.
    And they are in REAL good condition.
  10. Ranger45

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    Welcome from NC! Gen4 G19 is a great choice.
  11. noob

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    Welcome to the forum

    In my experience gun shows are mostly private sellers and prices are usually higher then if dealing with your LGS
  12. sgtcowboyusmc

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    Just checked and they have several models of the G19 including a TALO Special edition with SIGHTS: FT: Tritium/Luminescent Dot RR: Luminescent Bar Talo Exclusive, AmeriGlo Sights! THese are the sights designed by Dave Spaulding! These are the same sights I want to put on ALL my Glocks!
  13. Danzig

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    Not in the DFW area of Texas. Most of the large dealers( Bachman Pawn, Schramms and SOG Armory) usually sell at there wholesale prices at Gun Shows.
  14. noob

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    Lucky you, like I said that was my experiences at gun shows

    Your mileage may vary
  15. matthew1201

    matthew1201 New Member

    I looked at the link and that G19 is a gen3, I believe, I'm looking for a gen4 because I'm left handed and would like to change the mag release so I can use my thumb instead of my trigger finger. Is it possible to easily switch the mag release on a gen3 glock to the other side?
  16. sgtcowboyusmc

    sgtcowboyusmc New Member

    OOPS Didn't catch that you wanted a Gen 4. Yeah you have to check weekly because they do update more than weekly but they have had a hard time keeping Glock Gen 4's in stock! Especially the really popular models like the 19 and the 23.
  17. rmm911

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    Over the past year, I have bought three guns. Each time, I tried Gallery of Guns and they never have anything in stock. I no longer bother.
  18. reagan

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    I always end up paying retail for something I really want.....unless you're willing to stalk a gun for months online.
  19. Please...NEVER use gallery of guns! Just dislike them and their site.
    Local gun store best place to get anything! They always have wiggle room. And you are supporting local stores! Not a millionaire in California. There are times that nessesitate going to the online sites though...I have multipul times. Ammo for instance alot. Local stores blown out immediately so online there are some great resources.
    Welcome to site Matt. Not gonna get much cheaper if at all than $550
    Is a gun that will last a lifetime. Goto local gun store or show and haggle. You may get tem down a little.
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  20. nickndfl

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    There are some gun stores that monitor prices and offer some great individual specials. I saw a Glock 26 in FDE for $499 recently.

    Also check out Do an advanced search so you can find sellers near you so you can save on FFL and S&H.

    Buds Guns also has some decent deals.