Cerakote v Duracoat & where to get it!

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by iLikeToShoot, Apr 24, 2016.

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    I've been wanting to make my G19 a little more personalized, and am doing some research on companies to get it done. The effect i want is to have an "infantry blue" slide with gold crossed rifles near the barrel, and a lighter grey frame with "Follow Me" written along the grip. It seems that Cerakote is the most durable, and that is very appealing. But I do not know if Cerakote will be able to provide the shade of blue that I need, and so Duracoat might be the answer I am looking for.

    I was hoping y'all could give me some advice on the situation and maybe even recommend a company or two that I should check out. Thanks, guys!
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    Cerakote's website lists all their certified applicators. I found great company 30 min from my house off the site. Rockyourglock.com does dura black and hard chrome coating.
  4. They both have their pros and cons. I personally use Duracoat on all mine and do it myself but not necessarily because it is "better". Are you looking for a company to apply it or to order the paint from?
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    Stick with the Cerakote. I have done my own with great results. Bought a sandblasting cabinet, and used an old stove I got from a friend. Go to Home Depot and get a Kobalt HVLP Detail spray gun and have at it. They have the instructions right on their page. Love the stuff. Durable as hell and self lubricating. There is no feeling like doing it yourself brother
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    I've had a few guns done before and have one right now being finished up in Cerakote and it holds up really well. I have a G23 that is my EDC for about the last 3 years and I holster/unholster everyday when I move it in and out of the safe. So far, no wear marks at all.
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    Here's my new cerakoted AR pistol. ImageUploadedByGlock Forum1469804034.293728.jpg
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    Cerakote > Duracoat. All day long. Just make sure you get it done by someone who knows what they're doing.