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  1. Here is the latest GLOCK, I have in my possession (the other GLOCK I had to part with them with regret :().

    My G17 GEN3 modified : Titanium Striker for Glock G17 + Titanium Safety Plunger + Lone Wolf 3.5 lb Connector + Competition Trigger Spring + Kits Srings Wolf (GLOCKSTORE items purchased and GLOCKPARTS so).

    15 Cartridges to 25 meters / one hand on target Cibles50 (C50)

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  2. haha nice shooting! I can't get a group that good at 25 meters using both hands, much less one hand!

  3. I have my GLOCK since 2006, I recharge my 9mm Para cartridges (FMJ 125 grains / 0.30 grams of Vihta Vuori N330 / Federal 100 primers / Total length 29.20 mm).

    In FRANCE, with my Glock, I practice the competition, and this competition is called T.A.R (Shots regulatory arms in english)

    In T.A.R, I practice two disciplines :

    1°) dicipline) Accuracy (in Target C50) and speed metal gongs (Rules T.A.R : with one hand).

    2°) Speed Military in "Speed target" (Rules T.A.R : with two hands).
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    It must be the traget or the paper, but the hits look like 22 cal and not 9mm to me.
    Good shooting tho.
  5. This impacts on the target are the 9mm Para caliber of my G17 ... ;)
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    Nice G17 Celte! Good shooting!!
  7. Thank you very well "DUTCHS" ... ;)
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    Very nice!! I love my 17 as well