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  1. ScottyBiddle

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    Finally getting my conceal and carry here in Ohio. Any suggestions for in the pants holsters for my Glock 26 or any other useful information would be very helpful and appreciated.
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  3. Dan75719

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    I have the 19 but I use the Galco Kingtuk. I think it is very comfortable and I forget I am wearing it. I am planning on getting either the 26 or the 27 soon and I will keep using that holster.

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  4. Volumes could be written on the subject of carrying a concealed firearm. Here are my best tips:

    1. Get a good holster. Good doesn't necessarily equate to expensive. My favorite is from
    2. Get a good gun belt. Again, good doesn't necessarily equate to expensive. I have used my 5.11 Tactical TDU Belt with the plastic buckle daily for almost 3 years and it's still going strong.
  5. ScottyBiddle

    ScottyBiddle New Member

    Sorry I am still new to this stuff
  6. ScottyBiddle

    ScottyBiddle New Member

    I'll look in to these thank you so much
  7. Two-Guns

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    Get a Theis IWB holster or a Mtac holster. Wilderness 5 stitch belts are vary good for the money. Buy your pants two sizes to big to allow a comphy carry. Remember your carry belt is vary important .
  8. MikeMT

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    My EDC holster is the Crossbreed Supertuck and I find it so comfy I forget I'm wearing it. That's with a G19. That being said, I know several people that EDC 26, 27, etc subs in the Galco Kingtuk and swear by em for comfort, concealability, and durability
  9. glockmedic

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    Crossbreed Supertuck with the combat cut wit a G19 is my EDC. I forget it's there. Caught myself wiggling around in my seat driving the other day because I thought I had left my G19 at home.
  10. Last night actually I ordered an Old Faithful holster. Same style as a Crossbreed, but they sell it as a pre cut & molded kit for about 1/2 the price. And more options then just black.
  11. I have a few holsters from trotac and love them. My favorite is the bandito. You should check him out. I do not have any from MikeP but have heard nothing but good things about him on here. Great prices and quick shipping.
  12. wrpNYFL

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    I like my FoxX Hybrid inside waistband.