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    I have a friend and I was just informed that his girlfriends ex (who has a ccw) made threats to shoot them both and take his kids. (this was all said while he was drugged up on pills because he's trying to kick meth) While my friend was telling me this he asked if he could have his carry permit revoked and I wasn't sure so I thought I would ask someone who knew more than me. I know you can't carry if you are to intoxicated to legally drive so with him being on drugs I wasn't really sure. Btw I live in Iowa
  2. You can file a report for terroristic threats and the police and courts will decide what happens. Any plea or conviction of violence nullifies a ccw

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    Has he ever been caught with meth? I am pretty sure it is a felony to be in possession of any amount of meth, that would nullify his CCW. Get an order for protection/restraining order filed against him. You got to also remember, just because his CCW is revoked doesn't mean he isn't capable of carrying out any ideas his meth brain cooks up.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    step one. police report of incident
    step two. restraining order
    step three. press charges for threatening to kill them, plus other charges if applicable.
    step four. let due process work...
  5. ooooh i forgot about the PPO, thats an instant CCW killer.

    one thing I will say, before your friend does anything, make sure he has the whole picture. You can screw a guy out of a CCW for life and in my experience there is always more to it than what you get from the half your tied too lol.
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    He talked to the police and they said the only thing he can do is get a restraining order. I don't really see what his ccw has to do with it. If he has a gun ccw or not and wants to do something stupid he still can. I'm not sure what the whole story is but my friend is kind of paranoid and I know his girlfriends ex and he's a bit of a dip**** but I would hope he's not that stupid. Anyway thanks for the help guys. I'll let him know.
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    A restraining order will get his guns taken away/CCW revoked, best bet is to record the threats and then your golden on a restraining order. Once he's hit with a restraining order though and his guns get taken away/CCW revoked you friend can be in for hell FYI. If he want's to hurt your buddy or your buddys girl he will. I've heard of girl's ex's committing home invasions just to do who know's. We had two cases up here were an ex-bf invaded and stabbed his ex's guy friends in her house. The second case the ex assaulted the girls guy friend with a hammer. As far as I am concerned he want's and is planning to attack your buddy/buddys girl. They should arm themselves and train and realize he IS an active threat. Take down every threat and report it ASAP to the police and be vigilant. If your buddy has a CCW carry it 24/7. This ex-bf crap is not a joke and should be taken serious.
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    He said, "She said, "He said, ...""

    Good luck with that. I would get as far as I could from this kind of trap (keep my distance) if I were you.

    Tell them to get a lawyer.