CCW regulations kill people AGAIN!

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  1. Kmurray96

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    When are politicians ever going to learn. I don't know about CO but in NC it would be illegal to carry into a movie theater (any place that charges admission to enter).

    If CO has the same regulation/law, people just died last night because of it.

    Luby's Resturant in Kileen, TX... Virginia Tech...and now a movie theater in Aurora, CO.

    One person with a gun, just one, could have ended any one of these tragedies.

    With probably at least 40 cell phones in that theater, did the police actually arrive in time to save anyone.


    They caught the guy out in the parking lot.

    It's time to wake up America and start voting out any politician who can't uphold ANY amendment to our Constitution.

    If these people can't support our rights, they don't deserve to be paid by us.
  2. RRoss

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    I agree with everything but one point...
    The more I hear and read about this attack, the more I'm thinking that a person with a CC wouldn't have been that effective against this guy, since he had body armor on. Amongst the chaos, there were people running in every direction creating a situation that offered too much risk of hitting an innocent. Unless the individual would have been able to get off a clean shot to the head, anyone presenting a firearm would have been the guys next victim. Just MHO.

  3. Happysniper1

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    I read a portion of an eyewitness account where she (the eyewitness) reported shell casings landing on her head. An armed citizen that close could have gotten several shots off at close range, smoke (or gas) notwithstanding, and a skilled armed citizen would have known to shoot more than one shot. While it is possible, it did not happen. And it did not happen because Century Theaters is anti-gun and has No Guns posted at its entrances.
  4. FOSJosh

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    Body armor such as bullet proof vest?
  5. RRoss

    RRoss If it goes boom or bang, I want to play with it! Lifetime Supporting Member

    Yes & no. There is no such thing as a "bullet proof" vest; meerly bullet resistant depending on caliber. But yes, he was.

    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    The assailant's use of body armor and a riot helmet make it harder for him to be shot and injured by a CC holder; however, if CC is not allowed, then there is zero chance to shoot and injure him.

    CC doesn't mean citizens become the answer. Rather, it means we are given a chance much greater than zero to defend ourselves and those around us. I'd rather face that guy with a chance than face him unarmed.
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  7. j102

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    Imagine if everybody was carrying a gun.
    This guy or any bad, crazy guy would not even think about doing something like that.
  8. Blaze

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    I'm glad nobody was carrying at the time.. Nobody could see anyway according to all reports
  9. Deuce

    Deuce Because 2 Are Better Then 1

    That's why no one does this kind of crap in a police station because they know every person in there has a gun.
  10. jrlusmc

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    The signs worked well... Once again bass ackwards
  11. ModernMusashi

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    I don't think it would matter if he was wearing a flak jacket or not. If me using my gun gave him something to shoot at besides my wife and unborn child that's just fine with me. Plus I think even with the body armor 10+ 40 rounds to the chest is gonna make you really start looking for cover.
  12. JMHO but unconstitutional laws are meant to be broken and ignored. Better Judged by 12 then carried by 6. I always carry when we go to the movies here, don't know if it's legal or not, don't really care, I refuse to become a victim.
  13. Blaze

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    Why is everyone saying what u would do??? BOTTOM LINE IS U WOULD DONE NOTHING IN THIS CASE!!!!!! Smoke bombs let off and mass confusion going on and over half dark. Visibility was extremely hard according to ALL the ppl who was there. So why say things u know isn't what u really would do
  14. Gun_Aficionado

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    Agree with this!!!
  15. Blaze

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    way to many billy bad basses on here
  16. Gun free zones are a lie.......

  17. I know it sux and is probably a very hard decision but why don't people man up and charge a single shooter in these mass killing situations? I would feel better about myself for trying to save lives and getting injured or killed in the process rather than running.

  18. You say this like 30 people are in this thread saying what they would have done. I'm confused.

    I would rather be given at chance to defend myself or the lives of others vs not having a chance at all. Do I know exactly what I would do in said situation? No I don't but I damn well would rather have the chance than not to.
  19. ModernMusashi

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    With all due respect just because you would of done nothing doesn't mean other people wouldn't of. I can PROMISE you if a trained armed citizen was there things would of turned out a little diffrent, and I argue for the better. I completely understand things were confusing but people said they could see him, and if you could see him you could shoot him. There is a difference between a "billy badass" and someone that is willing to risk there life for others.
  20. I'm not a "Billy Bad Ass" at all. I carry a firearm legally with my CCW permit for a reason, to protect myself and other innocent third parties around me. If person doesn't have the guts to use their CCW handgun then they need to give up their permit, sell their guns and join a hippy commune some place.
    I honestly don't see what the big stinkin' deal would be about putting a bullet into some jerks head that's trying to kill me or mine, really I don't. Guess I'm just cold blooded or something but for God sakes, if you carry you have to be ready to take a human life. If you're not then don't carry and be a helpless sheep .