CCW-Physical inability to handle a firearm safely

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  1. Beretta1984

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    Hi all,

    When applying for a CCW permit, what constitutes "physical inability to handle a firearm safely"?

    I took the class, applied at the Sheriff's Office, etc, but I take medication to prevent me from having seizures (they are controlled with medication, for over a year now).

    Do you think I'll automatically be denied?

  2. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    Can't say for sure, not knowing the laws for your location & State.

    A good guideline is usually a lic. to drive. If the State believes your condition is manageable with proper meds, and is willing to issue you a drivers lic, then you might be good for a CCW.

    Just a guess though, best to check with the issuing agency.

  3. GAgal

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    Welcome to the Forum Beretta!
    + 1 on what SeventiesWreckers said. The issuing agency should be able to tell you.
    Enjoy the Forum.
  4. jonm61

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    To me, the question would be "how will they know"? Did you tell them you have a seizure disorder? If not, they have no grounds to deny you unless part of the application also gives them the authorization to access your private health records. If you did tell them, then all you can do is wait and see.

    One thing I think most will agree with, when it comes to any government agency: what they don't know, and can't legally find out, about you can't hurt them...if it's not in a database somewhere, I don't see a need to disclose it to them.
  5. Agree with the nondisclosure approach. So long as *you* feel you can handle a firearm with competance, the rest doesn't matter. The second ammendment doesn't discriminate based on medical conditions.