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    Hi all, I'm from RI and recently fought my home town for the right to get an application made up for a conceal and carry. Problem is the police chief fought me every step of the way and finally the town was forced to follow the law, maybe by myself or partly to the ACLU. the town's application is the same as the attorney general's application where I need to show need to carry. I went to "talk" tot he the chief and he told me i would need to show need and it better be a damn good reason.

    I have applied and received an relics license from ATF&E.
    any other permits i can get fairly easily to support my case?
    thanks in advance.
  2. iGlock

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    Ya the 2nd admendment...should be enough unfortuntily no.

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    I agree with iGlock that the 2nd Amendment should suffice, but it obviously won't in this case.

    What are you wanting to carry for? Simply personal protection? (Which is enough in my book) Perhaps there is something you do that requires you to transport money or sensitive items? Do you do the deposits at work?

    Fortunately most places are beyond requiring a need. I love living in a shall-issue state and rejoice that the US is trending towards shall-issue in more and more places all the time. Since you live in an area that does not follow that, you should just look at everything you do and see what might require the extra safety. Don't make anything up, but keep an open mind as you go about your day and look at what you do.
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    I will not be entering work into the mix. i don't want them to know.
    It would mostly be used for protection. I buy storage units and must be paid in cash i have done this for a few years. I also buy city and towns
    auctions of obsolete property, this must also be cash to the town.
    I'm wondering if there are other permits i could get to make my chances better?
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    Try taking a NRA course, or more than one that involves pistol shooting. I think that would help more than your C&R