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    I am registered to take my ccw course coming in June. One of my requirements is to come with a holster. Any recommendations on a good holster? Hopefully not too expensive. I've searched, and there are just way too many choices.
    Any recommendations are appreciated.
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    I use crossbreed ... Conceals my full size G22 no problem.

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    Parker Holster $40 And BlackHawk Size 5 $13

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    Don Hume JIT holster for my G26.

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    You might want to check out N82 Tactical. It's very comfortable, conceals well, and holds G19 and G26. They have a couple of versions...The original and the professional
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  7. It amazes me that we have a vendor who supports the forum and makes arguably the worlds greatest kydex holsters, and it takes 7 posts for him to come up and he has to do it himself.....

    Support your vendors people!
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    I'd definitely check out defensive holsters. For the price and comfort I hear they are the best kydex holsters.

    Go to the vendor section or ad on top of web page, if your on mobile click on Mike p's link.
    I will be getting one very soon here.
    I've tried foxx holsters, lynch combat holsters and I've sent those back.
    I was looking for a iwb and foxx felt cheap to me. The lynch was a combo iwb/owb and the design didn't work well. It flopped around while running and would sink in my pants if I didnt have my belt extremely tight, as iwb.
    Third times a charm and I will update as soon as I get my defensive holster.
  10. Selecting the right holster usually comes with some trial and error. I prefer a Kholster for IWB carry and a Fobus or similar type holster for OWB carry. IMO, spending in excess of $50.00 on your first holster is probably unwise due to the fact that you have no experience to dictate things you like or don't like about style, material and positioning.

    Although I'm not certain what requirement you may need a holster to fulfill in your CCW course, I'd guess just about any holster will do. Even buying a $10 universal at your local sporting goods store would most likely suffice.
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    Thanks for all the info. It's always better to hear from users vs dealers. Going with N8 sqr.