CCI Blazer FMJ ported barrel warning

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  1. Anyone care to comment on a product warning I just saw for the first time on CCI Blazer ammo ...'Not to be used with ported barrels or ported compensators'..

    Is this to raise awareness over potential of hot gases and copper shavings one MIGHT encounter with porting, or is there something more to it? Or, is it just a CYA for the hot gases, etc.?

    I have been using this ammo for years in my weapons for years, but now plan on getting a 19c.

    Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. nitetrain

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    Interesting? Just bought 500 rounds of Cci blazer brass and 500 of aluminum, 9mm 115 grain and it does not say that

  3. Interesting! Mine clearly states that on the back panel...Thanks for the reply...
  4. voyager4520

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    My understanding is that they use plated bullets rather than jacketed, and the plating may shear off and be forcefully ejected from the ports.
  5. Thanks for the reply...The box says I being naive?
  6. Dan75719

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    I just bought some too and just checked the box. Mine also has that warning about ported barrels and says FMJ.
  7. Thanks for the confirmation...Funny thing is I went to a different retailer today and their Blazer did not have that warning...
  8. nitetrain

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    Correction on my earlier post. Some brass say it, some do not. None of the blazer aluminum say it
  9. I shot some out of my 22c today it was accurate with the ammo!I didn't get anything hitting me.They might have put it on there in case of a law suit..